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15 Inch Acer Chromebook Video Reveals EU Pricing, IPS Confusion


Leaked last month, announced this week, and set to be shown off on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, the new 15.6-inch Acer Chromebook is the talk of the town right now.

But you can have a quick sneak peek ahead of the show thanks to Notebook Italia snagging an early once over.

The video doesn’t see the device put through its paces, but does see an Acer rep walk us through the unique selling points of the device. He highlights the “fabric-like” texture (which gives off a denim-esque sheen in this video), the use of fifth generation Intel Processors, and the inclusion of dual MIMO antenna for super fast Wi-Fi.

Acer’s rep also says that the Chromebook 15 will launch in Europe first priced from €279. It will hit the US shortly after (we’ve been told late Feb/March) priced from $249.99.


Acer’s rep says the Chromebook 15 will be available with IPS displays

Acer’s rep says (at the 51 second mark) that both HD and FHD variants of the Chromebook 15 will be available with IPS panels.

Great? Or not? See, Acer’s enthusiastic press release for the new notebook talked up the “wide viewing angles” on offer but stopped short of mentioning anything related to IPS panel. This rep states the opposite.

Given that the addition of IPS would be a very big selling point — check your own personal excitement levels for proof of that — surely Acer’s PR machine would mention in it the release blurb sent out to websites and journalists? Could this rep merely have stumbled over his words? Or is “Acer ComfyView” some kind of new IPS-style panel?

The model being demoed in the video doesn’t appear to be IPS (based on the inversion of the screen at various intervals). We’ve asked Acer for clarification.

Update: It’s been confirmed to this Chromebook will be available with IPS display in FHD only. 


Waffling over it’s time to hit play on the video to see the 15.6-inch Acer Chromebook in all its super-sized glory.

(You’ll also note the color is the non-white version, as the info our Chrome Bandit allowed us to leak in December claimed. The Acer rep says the consumer model will be available in white and black. Expect to see the brown model limited to Education sales).

  • Droid6

    I like this but the design is just meh too bulky but if the display is great I might give it a go.

    • Underdog

      I agree with you about the bulk. I like the slim, motor-less, heat-less, and weightless design of my Samsung. If I upgrade it will probably be the Toshiba with the better processor. Not a big fan of Acer anyway.

    • It’s hard for a 15-inch laptop not to be bulky, to be honest!

      • Droid6

        I feel like HP or Toshiba can give us something better design wise

  • William Ramos

    They said its not fanless so that kinda hurt for me.

    • Jeffrey Heesch

      If it’s anything like their current Chromebooks with fans, you’ll almost never hear the fans anyway, nor will it ever even get all that warm. A nearly inaudible fan is a pretty fair tradeoff for all that you’re getting.

  • moe

    i like the color options and it looks good over all.

  • Connie New

    No touch option like in the Acer C720P, oh well? Well what would have been a better deal would be upgradeable RAM and a larger SSD. I know the Chromebook ideology of being an always-on-line, cloud-focused device…but having crouton giving you a blisteringly fast off-line OS with a few clicks is a big plus for such devices for me.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Chromebooks aren’t designed to run two OS’s, so you can’t really blame the OEM’s for not including a larger SSD. The relative few that do install something else aren’t enough of a market to validate the bigger drives. 99% of the users are just that: users. They won’t tweak their devices

    • A touchscreen model is planned, Acer say.

      (In fact, word has it that Google [who set requirements on minimum specifications] have a touchscreen option baked into their agreements with OEMs. It’s likely why most of the current Chromebooks are released with the promise of a touchscreen version “later in the year”)

    • shonangreg

      The Chromebooks available here in Japan have either 2 or less often 4GB of RAM and almost always 16GB of storage (some of the newest ASUS ones have 32GB, but it is eMMC, not an SSD). From what I’ve read, 4/16 works fine for crouton, but it seems you might have to limit the installation of big apps (gimp, audacity, LibreOffice, Scribus, Avidemux, etc.) A 32GB SSD is needed for more freedom in your linux install, and then it seems sufficient for just about anything and everything, even several huge games.

      For local storage, not for apps, all the Chromebooks have an SD card slot, so it is easy to keep 32 or 64GB in there.

      My 4GB or so dropbox documents folder would presumably go on the SD card, though a 32GB SSD would probably handle it easily as well. Videos and other media used for presentation would all go on the SD card.

      Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I see little limitation in this regard. 4/32 with an intel processor is what you want for crouton. This is what I’m waiting for (on a 12-inch or so device with 1080p HDMI out —– BTW, do you know if I can Chromecast at 1080p if the native resolution of the Chromebook is less?).

      • Cosmos

        Yes you can. And acer c720 can change it’s storage. I swapped a 128g ssd in that, it works great.

        • shonangreg

          Thank you, Cosmos. I don’t know why I hadn’t checked on an SSD upgrade for the acer C720; I just assumed its SSD was soldered on. The C720 is available here: as are several Transcend SSD drives with the 128GB being priced at the sweet spot:

          I figured I’d be able to get a 32GB Chromebook by March, maybe, but thanks to you, I can get a much better system at a decent price now :-)

  • Carl Draper

    €279? Wow. Though I bet it doesn’t end up being £218 here in the UK

  • H.T.V. Blu

    Surely the touchpad right/left click integration is one fungered for left and two fingered for right? I hated this at first but I am a convert now!


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