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2GB Samsung Chromebook 2 Listed For Release

Hoping to nab a shiny new  Samsung Chromebook 2 later this year, but also minded to save money in the process? It seems Samsung has you covered.

Though not part of the official release announcement earlier this year, a 2GB RAM version of the eight-core Samsung Chromebook 2 is listed for purchase on the Canadian version of the company’s website. At the time of their reveal Samsung only made mention of 4GB versions, so this comes as a small surprise.

Its addition indictates that Samsung will be positioning it as an entry model, partly in an attempt to wean buyers off of 2012’s cheaper, but slower, dual-core Exynos 5250 version, and partly to counteract the cheaper (and allegedly faster) Intel-based Chromebooks also sporting 2GB.

Other than a drop in memory, the rest of the specifications are identical to the other 11-inch model.

samsung chrome 2 spec sheet

It’s not yet clear where or when the 2GB model will launch, but its arrival brings the total number of Samsung Chromebook 2’s to five:

  • 11-inch, 2GB Black
  • 11-inch, 2GB White
  • 11-inch, 4GB Black
  • 11-inch, 4GB White
  • 13-inch, 4GB Gray

The question will be how much cheaper the 2GB variant turns out to be and whether that cost will offset the (likely) drop in performance over a 4GB model. Chrome OS likes RAM; the more RAM available, the more seamless multitasking will be.

For a drop in potential performance the price differential will need to be pretty tempting for me.

 Thanks to Wesley Files

  • Sean Lumly

    I’m really eager to buy this laptop. For me, it will be the white 11″, 4GB version. I hope the price in Canada is reasonable, and it will be possible to purchase this online.

    • calden74

      The white does look nice but after owning a white Note 3 I think I’ll pass, the faux leather shows dirt really easily. Black is defiantly the better option.

      • Sean Lumly

        Very interesting. Can it be cleaned periodically (eg. a damp cloth with bleach) to remove colour stains and dirt?

        I may yet choose the black one if this is an unfixable issue.

        • calden74

          Oh sure, it’s just plastic but the amount of times I have to clean out all of those silly grooves in my Note 3 has turned me into a compulsive wiper. I even catch myself staring periodically to make sure its clean. If you knew me you would defiantly say this is out of character. My wife follows me around with a dust buster.I’m sure like the first Samsung Chromebook ARM’s you will be able to buy a jelly cosy for it, so don’tworry,y buy what you like. I’m personally getting a black one as you know what they say.

          • Sean Lumly

            :) I was on the fence about the white vs. black version. The idea of the white version getting dirty is a bit worrying. I think I may just default to the black version (which I think is stunning) and save myself the trouble!

            Either way, it’s my decision and I really do like the black version.

  • Wesley Files

    If it fulfills a few points in the performance department (smooth tab casting to Chromecast, to name one) then I may not be able to help myself from this Chromebook.

    I wonder what the price difference will be. We’ve seen two other Chromebooks with a $50 price bump for the 4GB version. I’d be willing to save that much. I understand the concept of having more room to work in with more RAM, but from my own use of Chrome OS I’m not convinced it will yield much of a difference for me.

    • Sean Lumly

      I am also interested in how much of a difference this will make. I would easily choose the the 2GB version to save a few bucks, but I’m worried that it may come at a cost of real-world performance. Based on my own ignorance (this will be the first ChromeOS device I will ever own), I am choosing the 4GB as a precaution.

      I wish that Samsung had the foresight to release review units to the press. This would have made the choice much easier!

      • They probably have, it just hasn’t actually been released for sale yet so they can’t publish the reviews.

        • Sean Lumly

          You’re likely right. Hopefully we will see reviews soon.

          Update: I have no idea where I got the idea of an April 2nd release date.

          • Pablo

            There is a review / preview on cnet

      • calden74

        Good choice, you really should never compromise because of price. It would be better for you to wait and save a little more then to buy something that you will ultimately dislike. ChromeOS needs 4GB of RAM, it really does.

        • Sean Lumly

          Have you had a chromeOS device before with 2GB?

          • calden74

            Yes, both my children have HP 11 Chromebooks and I have an Acer C710 that started out with 2GB that I later upgraded to 16GB of RAM and a 240GB Samsung SSD. That much memory was a fluke though, I actually only ordered two 4GB SODIMM’s but I got 2 8GB SODIMM’s instead. When I called the store to tell them that they made a mistake out of fear that they would charge my Visa for the extra boost in memory size, they simply responded just keep’em, it was our mistake. Needless to stay I buy all of my memory from TechData now.
            Anyway, I think what your interested in is how does it perform. Fine, until you start opening up multiple tabs. I use to use my ChromeBook in conjunction with a 55″ Samsung TV until I got a ChromeBox. I use sites like Zattoo (a online TV app that has every Swiss channel in HDTV, fricken brilliant site), Netflix and YouTube. I display the media stuff on my TV while I continue surfing, which usually entails more then 15 Tab’s opened at once. Sure I could close some and be more frugal with my surfing habits but why put myself through the hassle. Plus the extra memory really helps with media content and multitasking. It’s worth spending the extra money to get 4GB, I personally would like to see an 8GB option for the Samsung.
            As you’ve already most likely put it together, we are a Chromebook/Box family which extends to my parents, siblings and even a few friends. They are the perfect machines for staying in contact, sharing photos, media, we all have the 1TB GDrive option now, which means their stuffed to the gills with BluRay rips, at least 600 videos. My mom can simply go to my or brothers Google Drive, click on a film and start streaming in seconds, perfect. For Christmas my parents bought each of us the Google Video Conferencing System, 4 of them so each household could be in better contact with each other. He had already bought 2 for his business. Fantastic system, the clarity of picture, sound, options available, the speed of the ChromeBox is insane. It worked to, I am in constant contact with my entire family, it is so cool to be able to watch a movie together. So that has now replaced my ChromeBook for TV use.

          • Sean Lumly

            Very interesting. How is the performance on the chromebook 11’s? I hear that the ARM chromebooks have been somewhat lacking in general performance.

          • calden74

            The kids really enjoy them, although not the fastest Chromebooks on the market, they’re absolutly perfect for children, built tough, small enough to fit in a backpack and very stylish. They can handle any task that they would ever perform but a power user would defiantly not be satisfied. My daughter recently did a geography report on Finland. She was about to use Google Docs before I intervened and showed her Microsoft’s Office web apps available for free on OneDrive. What a fantastic set of apps, people who say that the Chromebook is nothing more than a glorified browser which isn’t capable of real tasks has never tried Office Online in conjunction with OneDrive. With apps like EverNote, Pixlr, Cloud9 or my personal favorite Audiotool, a ChromeBook can easily become a powerhouse for those who know how to use them.

          • Sean Lumly

            Thanks for the perspective. That’s great that they work well for light usage — something tells me that the new Samsung Chromebooks with the additional RAM will feel noticeably better during regular use. Truth be told, I am worried about how they fare with overly heavy websites, though (eg. Google Plus, Youtube, CNet, etc).

            Yes, I too am very impressed with what can be done with a chromebook, and I hope that the number of quality applications continues to increase! There are entire game development engines that (eg. goo technologies, play canvas), so the argument that Chromebooks are somehow not for “real work” is quickly dying.

            I still will wait for reviews to learn about some obscure things, but I am sold on the new Samsung Chromebooks.

  • lasvegasmixx

    Until Samsung can dual-boot into Linux like Intel-based Chromebooks, it will remain an unlikely purchase for me even if the Samsung CPU can compete with Intel Haswell or Bay Trail CPUs. I am also puzzled by why 16GB e.MMC rather than 32GB e.MMC storage was selected. Is there really that much difference in cost?.

    • Sounds like the C720 is for you.

      • lasvegasmixx

        Yes, the Acer C720 or C720p are my current top choices but I want to see what ASUS offers with their future C200 Chromebook and any new offerings from Acer. I personally would prefer 32GB e.MMC and 4GB RAM.

    • Wesley Files

      Even the current Samsung (series 3) can dual boot with Linux. I’m not sure who told you it can’t, but it’s been possible for awhile. Crouton makes it super easy.

      Now, whether 32-bit Linux is what you want or not is another question.

    • Sean Lumly

      Just out of curiosity: what types of things do you usually do on your linux box?

  • Providing the price is not too bad, I think I’ll go for the 4GB black one. I’m so excited.

    • Sean Lumly

      Yes indeed! The Black 4GB 11 model looks very sleek.

      I originally was interested in the 13″ version for the keyboard size, but it seems as though the 11″ version has the same capaciously sized keyboard! The amazing portability of the 11″ a device is really attractive. Plus, the 11″ version has a matte screen, which is very welcome in reducing glare.

      Also, the specs seem to suggest that the speakers are an upgrade over the previous version. This is significant because the previous version purportedly could get quite loud, which is always welcome.

    • Wesley Files

      $320 is the U.S. price for the 11″ 4GB models.

      If the performance is there, that’s not bad at all.

  • TrOuBLeDbOy

    Does it have a fan?

    • calden74


  • Sean Lumly

    … There still isn’t an official release of the Samsung Chromebook 2 in Canada, and despite having a page at, there is no mention of a release time. This product launch could have been handled much better, considering the popularity of this device.