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How To Customize Your Chromebook In 3 Easy Ways

Does your Chromebook look plain? Do you want to customise it to make it stand out from the crowd? Would you like me to stop sounding like a cheesy informercial? If so, read on!

We recently looked at five stylish Chromebook sleeves you can buy to give your device protection and style, even on a tight budget. But beyond that, how do you adding a dose of personality to a Chromebook itself?

Below we take a look at three easy ways to bling up and customize your Chromebook. They’re not the only ways to do it, so be let us know your own tips, trials and design triumphs in the comment section at the bottom.


Image: pillarsupport

Image: pillarsupport

A few months back Apple released a video commercial focused on the creativity of third-party decals designed for its MacBook line.

Many of these, i.e., those not designed around the Apple logo, would look just as good on a light-colored Chromebook, like Samsung, Toshiba or HP devices.

You’ll find a host of decals available to buy pretty cheaply on sites like Amazon, eBay and select computer retailers. But be careful: the cheaper the decal the lower the quality it will be.


Vinyl skins offer the ultimate makeover for laptops. Personally, I loathe these “device stickers”. But based on the amount of devices I have see sporting them, I’m clearly alone in this!

kev's photo

If you fancy plastering almost every inch of your Chromebook  in some kind of garish (and not so garish) pattern — from the outer lid to inner palm rest — you can. You’ll find a variety of skins designed for select Chromebook models on Amazon and (more routinely) eBay.

They often come in two parts: one for the outer lid and one for the inner palm rest. The quality and protection can vary; some offer specially textured designs that are rugged, others are paper thin and prone to scuffing.

In the process of writing this article a great discussion on Chromebook skins opened up on Reddit, while the (awesome) Kev Doy tweeted us some photos of his C720 and Toshiba Chromebook 2 coated in skins from US company ToastMade.

Colourful Shell Cases

The mCover Chromebook Case

Cases for all sorts of Chromebooks

These are by far the most stylish and least sticky way to jazz up your device.

Even Toshiba is getting in on the act by releasing three hard shells of its own for the new Toshiba Chromebook 2.

Own a different device? You don’t need to feel left out! iPearl’s range of mCovers support a wide number of devices, including the Acer C720, Toshiba Chromebook (1) and the Samsung Chromebook.

And better yet they’re super cheap!

Have you customised or personalised your Chromebook? Show and tell in the space below or in our Google+ Community. 

  • Boothy

    Joey, you are not alone in your loathing!

  • moe

    lmao, buy a cheap chromebook and bling it up. Ya that sounds right.. why is this even an article?

    • Jon Leach

      What a dumb comment

      • moe

        do you understand sarcasm?

        • Brian Hinton

          I don’t believe he misunderstood what you said. I believe that it wasn’t appreciated. And I’d agree.

  • Clayf700

    Hey Joey, can I request an article? Me and my friends are starting to get into Garry’s mod and we just discovered that it’s on Linux which can be installed on chromebooks. So this may sound stupid, but which chromebook is the best for gaming, not screen size, or memory, but the most powerful chrome book you can get?

    • Aaron Porter

      Get a Haswell HP 14 with 4 gigs RAM. That’s the one that will perform the best. (The i3 models haven’t shown real world results) I use mine all the time and it’s buttery smooth running chrome os. If you’re looking into gaming, I wouldn’t really recommend chromebooks for gaming, they’re not designed for that kind of stuff, but do what you want….

      • Clayf700

        Thanks, my friend won’t buy anything but a chromebook (I know, he’s crazy for not getting something else for gaming) but hey, what can you do? Appreciate it.

        • Aaron Porter

          I am pretty impressed by chromebooks though, managing speed effectively where things matter. It would be nice if the Tegra K1 was as powerful as they said.

    • Nick Gustoff

      1. Chromebook Pixel, 2. Dell Chromebook 11, or 3. Acer C720. You want the old Haswell chip for just better processing. However none of the graphics cards in Chromebooks are impressive so you might be very disappointed regardless. For the price try to find a C720. Its the ugliest, but the fastest

  • Damn, those toastmade skins are nice. However, that price hurts my feelings; i guess you pay for premium shtuffff

  • Joseph Dickson

    My system is covered with WordPress stickers :P

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    I just put a Bansky decal of a panda with pistols on my Chromebook about a week and a half ago.

  • I Pearl Jam-ified my ASUS C300!

  • Mi Pen

    Thanks for this link, just ordered my aqua case cover from ipearl 5 mins ago.