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New Video App & Download Notifications Arrive in Chrome OS Update

chrome os download notificaitions

A new update to Chrome OS Stable Channel is rolling out to all Chromebooks, boxes, bases and bits from today. 

Among the changes arriving in Chrome OS v48(.0.2564.92) are a selection of bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements.

Material Design Video App

Material Design Video App

Some highlights of these changes are:

  • Download Notifications
  • Redesigned Video Player app
  • Google Photos Added to Default Apps
  • New Recovery Screens
  • Cultural Institute Wallpapers

We’ve written about some of these changes as they were introduced into the Chrome OS Developer channel.

How to Check for Chrome OS Update

If your device is on the Chrome OS Stable Channel — if you don’t know what that is, chances are it is — you can sit back and relax: Google will download the update in the background at some point in the coming days, and prompt you to reboot to install it.

Impatient? Us too. You can manually check for new Chrome OS updates through the settings pane:

  1. Open Chrome > Settings
  2. Click ‘About Chrome OS‘ in the left-hand panel
  3. In the About window, click the ‘Check for and apply updates‘ button

Because Chrome OS is rolled out in stages you still might not see an update available. Don’t panic, just put your patience hat on.

  • GM

    The new “Downloads” page shown in the picture is not included, however. :-(

    • It’s not, no (it’s the only picture we have in the uploads gallery of the new notifications atm).

      • GM

        I can provide you with some, but in French… ;-)

  • ノアレ・ステラ

    I just installed the update, but Google Photos isn’t in the app drawer.

  • Luctreebusch

    They made the video player material design, but damnnn Google add some features like loading .srt files.

    • Ross

      Just use VLC

      • Luctreebusch

        Yeah I do use VLC, but it´s still somewhat buggy as a ported android app. It would just be easier if Google did it right.

    • GM

      And play videos correctly. I have to use VLC for some…

  • FirstLine

    My comment seems to have disappeared. Someone know the changes behind the new Video app?

  • Gustavo Vasconcelos

    no sound for me after update

  • liamdools

    Jesus Christ that’s one ugly video player. I’m glad I ditched Google services before they made everything look like Hi DPI Windows 95 software made of construction paper. Remember when Chrome OS had that glass effect? Or when the menu didn’t open in the center of your screen and require an extra click to get to the app launcher, which is its main function in life?

  • ChrisGX

    Does anyone get the feeling that there has been a bump in the road in Chrome OS development, recently? In the short time since I acquired a Toshiba Chromebook, just two months ago, Google seems to have shut down avenues that would allow relatively secure installation of Android apps on Chrome OS, something that had been strongly trumpeted until a silence seemed to slowly descend around the whole question. With the help of certain Chrome extensions I had been able to download apks from the Play Store directly without having to call on any web libraries whose security controls are more questionable. Those extensions are no longer in the Chrome Web Store and the direct download process to Chrome OS that they enabled is no longer working. I am not suggesting Google’s intentions have changed but there may have been a change in strategic emphasis that perhaps has meant that the gradualistic approach in bringing Android apps to Chrome OS is at an end. Maybe, Google has opted for more radical surgery that means the process of getting Android apps running on Chrome OS will be simpler and more automatic for users, but from a development point of view introduces a certain amount of drag as new complications are confronted. Or maybe, with Google committing to a more ‘containerized’ Linux and OpenJDK there is little scope but to accept that the complexities of getting to the end game have been multiplied. It would be good to hear something from Google about this soon.

    • Mehmed

      yeah, exactly… its the same with chromebooks, they arent getting better.
      i wanted to buy a new chromebook this year but i might switch to windows or osx.
      its sad, i liked it a lot.

      i think we will hear a little about it in may google i o.

    • Samuel Horne

      It’s because they’re doing A LOT of background work on combining it with Android – This is the calm before the storm of news.


    Okay, so, new material design for the video player. But what about the true issues with this app?? hmm?? No AVI could be played without this “chomped” video flow despite no problem with the audio. And what about the AC3 audio codec, available in every video player on any OS but Chrome OS??? Okay (bis), there is VLC which can read EVERYTHING but its version is a true pain in the @ss for the files management. So what Google, what are you waiting for?? I want to stay on a Chromebook for my daily uses but I need a true efficient OS with correct apps. I don’t use a Chromebook to put Ubuntu on it, it’s only Chrome OS I want to use.

    • Zactu

      I agree. But I go further, and say ChromeOS development has stagnated and hasn’t gone anywhere since I had my Chromebook of 2 years. It really could be a better replacement for a full desktop OS while still keeping its best attributes. I don’t think Google has any interest in that, which I think is a missed opportunity.

  • ChrisGX

    The silence since January 27th has become deadening. Does this mean no chrome os news to report or has this site gone zombie? A bit of both, I expect.

    • A bit of both is correct.

      I don’t really know what to do with this site atm.

      • Do you need content writers or community help? I have been a follower for 3 years, email me if I can donate some time.

        • Would love to help OMGC develop an education division as there is HUGE adoption with ChromeOS in schools. LMK if interested- jrsowash(at)sowashventures(dot)com

      • Слоупок

        I have sent a message through contact form. May be i can help you.

      • Samuel Horne

        I prefer OMGC to OMGU, I’ve followed both for many many years! Please don’t do anything drastic – there’s going to be huge amounts of news once it combines with Android.

    • ktzar

      It’s sad, I lost my Mac a couple weeks ago and what was going to be something temporary -using my Chromebook to accomplish any task- has become a very nice experience. I’m not looking back to use OSX actually.

  • Terrance Peterson

    Sadly I’ve lost my Chromebook due to an TPM Error on Christmas. Had borrow a friend’s laptop for about a month and now I’m a Windows Tablet Person. Tried all possible solutions to fix it. Even sent it into Samsung and they said they couldn’t help me without having to replace the motherboard. Long live all of you Chromies.

    • Samuel Horne

      You can buy refurbished ones for ridiculously cheap on ebay and other places! A few are under £100.

  • Joel Öman

    I’m having some really annoying bugs with the latest update, the whole Chromebook freezes and reboots by itself, the icons on the taskbar(dock, whatever) disapperas, it’s slower than Before when loading Youtube clips. Is this a local problem or are more users experiencing the same problems? None of these were present before… I’m using a Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6″.

  • Michael Huff

    I tried the video player app over the weekend. So far m/.

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