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Cheap & Cheerful Acer C720 Chromebook Hard Shell Case

acer c720 hard shell caseLooking to protect your shiny new Acer C720 Chromebook from accidental bumps and scrapes? 

US company iPearl Inc. has added a range of colourful hard-shell cases for the 11.6″ Acer C720 Chromebook to their popular mCover range.

Like their offerings for MacBooks and the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, these new cases are made from a resilient polycarbonate and have been designed specifically to fit Acer’s latest Chrome OS devices, including the touchscreen C720P, ‘like a glove’.

The plastic cases ‘snap’ into place, include cutouts so that you can continue to make full use of ports and slots, and feature collapsable ‘feet’ for an elevated typing position.

Buy Acer C720 Chromebook Case

Plastic is never going to feel ‘premium quality’, but for less than $20/£20 these cases are pretty standout. For an inexpensive way to add a splash of colour and get some basic device protection thrown in, they can’t be beat.

Available in eight colours, including red, black and blue, and a single transparent variant.

iPearl mCover Case for Acer C720 on Amazon UK iPearl mCover Case for Acer C720 on Amazon US

  • AzBat360

    You can get these on eBay for the HP Chromebook 14 as well…

  • serotheo

    Have you personally used these? I’ve seen these but I haven’t seen much reviews.

    • captain irrelevant

      I have one on my Acer c720, it’s not bad, it gives it a color customization. Some of the edges don’t grip very well so if you’re holding by the edge of you chromebook, it’ll feel like one edge of it is coming off. The pegs at the bottom is a nice bonus though.

      • Roland

        I just received the Orange one this morning that I ordered off Amazon UK on Friday. If you’re finding that the clips don’t properly snap into place, especially on the base take it off position the back corners into the corner clips of the case and push down and they should snap into place better.

  • Kevin Thomas

    I have to ask if this fits the C710??? Sorry for asking

  • Roland

    I’ve just ordered one in Orange from Amazon UK

  • Matt

    I’ve just ordered mine from because Amazon US wouldn’t ship the item to Canada.

  • darkknight689

    I got one for free because I’m an educator! This company is awesome! I may buy one just because they support educators.

  • michala

    I just received mine from Amazon, and the top will not stay attached. I am disappointed because the only other options I see out there are skins, and I really prefer the case. Any suggestions?