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Acer Touchscreen Chromebook To Start Shipping Mid December

Acer C720PA week after being formally unveiled, Google has announced that the new touchscreen Chromebook from Acer is available to pre-order in France and Russia.

The device, priced at $299 in the USA, is listed for pre-order at €299 and RUB9990 respectively, with Amazon France giving an expected shipping date of December 13th.

Over in the states, has issued a Product Alert for the Acer C720P, advising customers that:

“[It will] ship in mid-December and availability will be limited. Orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis and may not arrive before December 25th.”

In addition to the three countries already offering pre-orders, Google has said they expect the notebook to ‘hit store shelves in …additional countries from this week onwards”. 

If we hear of any delays or further availability we’ll update accordingly.

Update 1: Reddit user bennycanale has shared a screenshot of the shipping date given to him by Amazon US for his pre-order. It states that the Acer C720P is expected to ship ‘…between Dec 18 and 24. (Amazon Prime Shipping)’.

Acer C720P Chromebook Listing

  • Jon A.

    This is probably the best Chromebook available right now, other then the Pixel. I hope it is an indicator of things to come!

  • Scott Welsh

    I just really want a refresh on the Pixel, think that will happen in the next 3-4 months?

    • gtj

      Im in the same boat. I would happily drop 299 on a pixel with a haswell processor and a hdmi output. I have a samsung chromebook but its frustratingly slow at times, there’s no way i’d pay for the same performance a year latter.

      • gtj

        Apologies I was referring to the Google HP laptop. Pixel needs a refresh too tho ;)

        • Sebastiaan Franken

          Why does the Pixel need a refresh? It’s still a monster machine for ChromeOS.

    • Mehmed

      I would rather want to wait for a refresh in 7-9 Months…
      To release a Pixel with Haswell in march or april… no no.
      But an Pixel with Intel Broadwell (better GPU+ 14nm) in august-september would be great.
      More power and more batterylife.

  • Colin Scroggins

    You realize that the screenshot shown in your update is for the 4GB C720, not the C720P, right? The C720P only has 2GB of RAM.

    I got my shipping notification from Amazon today for Monday, December 9, delivery!

  • LS650

    Yet all Acer sells in Canada is the old C710. :(