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17 Chrome Devices Feature in Amazon’s Back to School Sale

google schoolsIf you plan on making a Chromebook your wingman at school or college this year, head on over to Amazon before you buy. 

The e-tailing giant currently has deals on a number of Chrome OS devices, including Chromeboxes, as part of a wide-ranging Back to School promotion. So far they are offering at least $20 off the price of select Chrome OS devices, including the touchscreen Acer C720P Chromebook and the LG Chromebase all-in-one PC.

17 devices are discounted in all, among them:

Chromebooks are ideal for college use. They’re fast, cheap and have longer battery lives than traditional Windows laptops. Google Docs will take care of essay writing, and there are plenty of offline apps for taking and organising lecture notes.

amazon chromebook back to school

Check out the full list of devices on Amazon US using the link below.

Amazon back to school deals on Chromebook

  • moe

    chromebooks are good but most are still lacking in my opinion, Asus chromebook is very close but that screen is the only reason i’ll wait for something better.

    • Joseph Dickson

      For the price I easily forgive the minor shortcoming of that screen. I use mine daily for work and at home

  • Frederic MANSON

    With Microsoft Office Online, the Chromebooks are really true bargains. Two of my relatives have dropped their Windows laptops for a Chromebook. I do not understand why the French gvt didn’t chose the Chromebooks as a viable platform for all the students…

    • Evan Rittenhouse

      Not to mention the fact that Google Drive now supports native office file editing…

  • Frederic MANSON

    Yeah!!! The new Acer CB5-311 with a GIANT Nvidia Tegra K1, 4 gigs and 32 gigs of storage, a FULL HD screen is TBR the 5th of September in France at €300.00 (VAT included) only!!!! It is MINE!!!! I want my precioussssssss!!!

    • JusticeL

      Did Master take it from you? I love Lord of the Rings!

  • Seth Gill

    Apparently according to Amazon, only people in the US go back to school.

    • Frederic MANSON

      Yeah, how strange the world is small… for Amazon!!

    • The “back to school” season is a distinct shopping period for American retail where items are generally discounted and sales spike.

      Here in the UK, for example, although we have back to school sales, the entire period is not really a specific marketing ‘event’. I imagine it will, rather like Black Friday, start to catch on in the coming years.

      • Joseph Dickson

        We Americans turn any holiday into a commercial extravaganza. Case in point, Cinco de Mayo. It has nothing to do with America and even Mexico doesn’t celebrate it. But we turn it into a beer holiday anyway.

  • Joseph Dickson

    Yesterday I noticed that newegg has the ASUS C200 for $50 off at $199 and I can tell you that is a real bargain.

    • Frederic MANSON

      In France, the C200 is sold at €250.00 (VAT inc.) and a €50 gift card is offered by Amazon. The “bigger” C200 is at €279.00 (VAT inc.). The C300 Red&White is at €299.00 (VAT inc.). Amazon seems to be the only Asus Chromebooks seller for France…

  • Wally Arms

    I am a big fan of Chrome OS and own a number of devices. I agree that Chromebooks are ideal for college… except that many schools use wifi and/or student portal systems that don’t work with Chrome OS (or don’t work well). I suspect the university tech departments will be getting lots of support calls this fall as to “why can’t I connect to the secure wifi with my Chromebook”. On a similar note I expect many students will show up at the dorm this fall with a Chromecast in hand only to find that it won’t work with the school wifi. Progress has been made within the OS itself regarding wifi with captive portals, etc but the university tech depts are going to have to be willing to adapt I think before Chrome OS gains widespread use on campus. This is based on my experience with a couple of different schools that my kids have attended – I hope there are a lot of schools that are taking a more proactive approach to Chrome OS.

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