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Amazon Instant Video Now Works on UK Chromebooks

amazon-tileUK Chromebook owners can finally access Amazon Instant Video, the e-tailing giant’s on-demand library of TV shows and movies, without the need for workarounds. 

Until now the service, which is available as a standalone subscription, as part of Amazon Prime, and on a per-rental/purchase basis, has relied on Microsoft’s (largely abandoned) Silverlight plugin to encrypt and deliver its video content to customers in the UK —  a plugin only officially available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Not so in the US where Instant Video caters to Chromebook owners via the ubiquitous Adobe Flash plugin, which comes bundled in Chrome OS and shipped on all Chrome devices.

‘Amazon Instant Video now works on UK Chromebooks, no hassle necessary’

At some point fairly recently Amazon finally imported its laissez-faire approach to streaming over to the UK (presumably not by expedited mail). Yes, Amazon Instant Video now works on UK  Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebases out of the box, no hassle necessary.

Considering that Chrome OS devices have been, and continue to be, big, big sellers for the retailer, consistently placing in the top ten best-selling devices, it’s a move long overdue and, in my own case, one of the reasons I no longer subscribe.

That means I can’t personally test this, so if you’re in the UK, do give it a try and let us know how you get on.

You may, depending on how Amazon is handling this, need to opt in to using Flash over Silverlight. To do this head to the Amazon Instant Video landing page, click ‘Settings’ > ‘Player Preferences’ > ‘Adobe Flash Player’. 

amazon video flash option

  • Andyh2

    Thanks for the heads up. Works fine for me in the UK on my HP Chromebook 11 (original Google version), after making the settings change as noted above. Been waiting for this since getting my Chromebook a few months ago. Even happier with my Chromebook now :)

  • Ben Isaacs

    I noticed this was working a few weeks back and assumed I’d missed the story about it!

  • Mr Torch

    How about a Android app that you can Chromecast.

  • tuberider76

    Great news. Finally. Just got a fire tv yesterday and its very slick. If u have prime then its a must with a controller. Highly recommend.

  • Major thankies for the post. Much obliged.

  • 8 to 4 weeks ago it worked for some weeks in Germany as well. But than they decided to cancel these possibility. So I won’t go back to the subscription until it’s proofed for 2 month or so.