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ASUS And Acer To Release New Chromebooks This Summer

ASUS and Acer are gearing up to launch new Chromebooks later this year, according to industry sources.

An ‘aggressive marketing campaign’ by Google to promote the new laptop will accompany their release later this year says Chinese tech industry blog Digitimes. 

Digitimes were the first to report that Google had an own-brand touch-screen Chromebook in the works.

Citing ‘sources’ from the upstream supply chain, Digitimes also reveal some interesting sales figures for Acer’s most recent Chromebook, the C7. 

  • Acer shipped 150,000-200,000 C7 units between November and December 2012
  • By January 2013 this dropped to 20,000-30,000 units
  • Acer halted future C7 shipments 

But this drop-off hasn’t deterred them from continuing to back the browser-esque operating system. A new 11.6″ laptop is purportedly in production for release towards the end of July 2013.

Joining them will be ASUS, whose first Chromebook is rumoured to be ARM-based and sport a touch-screen.

The rumours come just weeks after word of Android-powered laptops broke – a plan that chip maker Intel recently gave tacit confirmation towards.

  • cakezula

    Hey, just an fyi: I’m also getting your Doctor Who posts in my OMGChrome rss feed.

  • Victor Andrade

    Asus Touch Screen Chromebook you say? mmm, Hope its a Transformer like chromebook :-)

  • its understandable the c7 idnt sell that well, instead of a ssd it has a uselessly big (at leat for a chromebook) hdd.

  • shadowguy14

    Samsung Chromebook is much better

    • Won’t be better than an ASUS though. They make *awesome* hardware.

      • The Transformer tablets are riddled with problems, from screens cracking because of the keyboard dock to the infamous WiFi/GPS failures. The Nexus 7 *STILL* has screen separation issues after nine months of production. (How does a company NOT fix that?) They grab onto new chips early, so fanboys want to their tablets, but they make junk products.

  • Misquotes in the article:

    The Digitimes reports said 150,000-200,000 units PER MONTH. It also said 20,000-30,000 shipped in Jan 2013 (although this may be incorrect unless the Jan 2013 numbers dropped for some reason – for example the re-imaged original Windows machines running out).

    What is clear from these figures is that 200,000 per month for November and December 2012 plus 30,000 for January 2013, plus 70,000 more for the first two weeks of February 2013 would amount to the 500,000 number that Digitimes quoted earlier, from which it is clear that Digitimes’ numbers refer only to Acer’s numbers. Samsung’s Series 3 Chromebooks have been the top selling laptops every day on Amazon since October 2012 to now, and are selling at a much higher rate – perhaps 2 to 3 times the Acer numbers. In addition Samsung sells large numbers of Chromebooks to schools which are sold direct from Google and don’t go through retail outlets like Amazon, BestBuy etc. and so are additional to the Amazon numbers.

  • Ben Bidmead

    If they are releasing chromebooks all of a sudden, where are the Ubuntu/Linux native laptops coming?

  • Phil

    This article is now almost 4 months old and we’ve seen nothing.
    Talk about “sources”..

    • Phil Oakley

      Only the start of August. We’ve already seen an update to the Acer C7, and Jonny Shih (CEO of ASUS) has said a Chromebook is coming.

  • james braselton

    hi there yes new acer C7 has a 16 gb ssd on bestbuy website or amazon walmart