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Amazon Orders for the ASUS Chromebox Delayed?

ASUS Chromebox BestsellerAmazon appears to be having trouble fulfilling pre-orders for the new ASUS Chromebox. 

We’ve heard from a number of US readers yet to receive the device, released March 14, despite having placed a pre-order almost as soon as listings for it went live.

Normally a wait of a few days wouldn’t seem strange, or could be put down to heightened impatience. 

But since both of those who got in touch with us are Prime subscribers who selected ‘2 day shipping’ for their orders, and as the ASUS Chromebox was ‘officially’ released on March 14, they should have received their orders by now.

Amazon has acknowledged that something has gone awry for one of those affected, Rich C., and e-mailed him to explain:

“We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on March 07, 2014 


Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. To keep your order for this item open, please click the link below. Otherwise, we’ll cancel your order on April 17, 2014, if we haven’t located it by then.”

Not the most encouraging response.

Some customers have also received an out of stock email.

Admittedly these issues could simply be isolated incidents owing to kinks in the Amazon’s distribution chain.  Furthermore we have only heard from two customers. Given that the device became the top selling PC on the site, that’s a pretty small number.

But it is interesting to note that the device is not currently listed for sale from Amazon themselves, only through third-party sellers. This does imply that there are supply issues.

We have reached out to Amazon for comment.

Did you pre-order the ASUS Chromebox from Amazon? Has it arrived yet?

  • myeo

    I pre-ordered mine on March 8 from Canada Computers (Canadian retailer of Asus Chromebox). Earlier this week I received an email indicating they expected it to ship closer to the end of the month.

    “Dear Customer,
    Your Item(s) RTAS00XXXX is backordered and is not available for immediate shipping.

    Description: ASUS (CHROMEBOX-M004U) ChromeBox | Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4GHz, 2GB DDR3, 16GSSD| Wi-Fi +Bluetooth 4.0 ,HDMI+Display Port |Chrome OS

    The ETA for above item will by the end of the March.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Canada Computers”

    • myeo

      Mine shipped today from Canada Computers and should have it Monday.

  • kwed

    I preordered within the first 2 hours and I got the same email this morning, the day I was supposed to get it. I am beyond upset. Simply because they could have notified us sooner than the day it was supposed to be here. I don’t have an eta either. I was planning on installing this to replace my grandma’s old XP computer in 2 weeks. Hopefully by then it will be here.

  • Rickey Shortt

    That sounds very frustrating. I’m glad I ordered mine from Newegg. It supposedly shipped out yesterday and should get here Monday. And I just received my HDMI to DVI cable, so I will be ready for immediate hookup when I get it!

  • Clif

    I preordered with Amazon on the day the item was announced. I’m a prime customer and specified and paid for next day shipping which would have had the box delivered on Monday. On Monday i got the “not available; don’t know when it will be available” email from Amazon. Sounds like Asus promised to have more units in the hands of Amazon on the promised shipment day (March 14) than Asus was able to deliver in fact on that day. There are two threads over at Google+ reporting problems with Amazon fulfilling as promised

  • Rich C

    It no longer shows up on Amazon in a search for “ASUS Chromebox”. The page I get to from the link in my order says “Currently Unavailable”. The delivery estimate on my order just changed from “Tuesday March 18th by 8:00PM” to “We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate…”

  • Steve

    I pre-ordered from Amazon on the day it was available and just got the same email today. I am a Prime Member. I also ordered from another retailer I have used in the past Sabre PC and they have not shipped either. I am thinking that Asus overpromised and underdelivered on this one. Not a great way to start the era of the Chromebox. I would have preferred that they just gave a realistic launch date instead of this. I also blame the retailers for not letting customers know sooner. They knew on Friday March 14th they didn’t have the units available to ship.

  • Steve

    Currently Amazon has 3 left in stock at the gouging pricepoint of 209.00. So if there are 3 in stock, why hasn’t mine shipped?

    • Myles Fister

      I don’t see any in stock.

    • Because they are from a 3rd party store and not directly from Amazon.

  • Myles Fister

    I see they have popped up on ebay for a cool $275….

  • seadoc

    It’s because ASUS hasn’t sent them out… I spoke to them… They refuse to tell us why the delay…

  • NolBi-Wan

    Also a prime member that pre-ordred. Got the email this morning in regards to the delay. Searching around on the web and I don’t think anyone has received their Chromebox from any of the pre-order websites. Anyone order from newegg or Tiger Direct get shipment notification? Sounds like ASUS dropped the ball.

    • Rickey Shortt

      Supposedly mine shipped from Newegg yesterday, and is in UPS transit with expected delivery on Monday. I hope so, but we will see…

      • NolBi-Wan

        That is good to hear. I just placed an order with New Egg as well. Item shows as IN STOCK and nothing on the site/ordering page indicated that there are any delays. I will keep my Amazon order active and see who ships first.

        EDIT: New Egg has already charged my card.

      • NolBi-Wan

        My Chromebox already showed up from New Egg. All set up and typing from it now. My first experience with Chrome OS. So far so good. Hope yours shows up soon.

        • Rickey Shortt

          UPS tracking still says scheduled delivery on Monday. Fingers crossed!

  • apoorplayer

    I pre-ordered from NewEgg. They issued a tracking number to me but as of today the tracking number does not refer to any item.

    • Rickey Shortt

      Mine actually has a departure scan from Newegg and says on schedule and ready for pickup by UPS.

      • apoorplayer

        You’ve got more info than I do.

      • apoorplayer

        Update – Credit card charged and tracking # live. Sitting in Cerritos CA. Has to come cross-country to western NY. Estimated delivery 3/24.

  • Jake

    I’m in the same boat – Prime member, pre-ordered on March 10th. The order stated an expected delivery for March 18th (Today). This morning received the email asking to approve a change in status due to insufficient stock supplies. Chatted with Amazon rep who apologized and gave a $10 promotional credit to my Amazon account…

  • suezz

    probably held up in customs so the nsa can hardware all those keyboard loggers on them.

  • HP

    I ordered mine from Tiger direct on 03/14. Received today 3/18.

    • Rickey Shortt

      Awesome! How is it?!

      • HP

        I hooked up to my 47″ TV and it’s scaled up very nice, runs fast just like my acer C720. I did pop in another 2GB RAM .

        • Rickey Shortt

          Sweet! I can’t wait to get mine. I fully intend to add two more GB of RAM and order the keyboard next month – but I figured I would at least try it as is – and make sure the zRam swap is enabled if I notice any issues. Excited to actually have my first Chrome OS device soon!

  • fbdave

    Another amazon pre-order customer, though I don’t have prime. I have heard nothing at all from amazon. my order still shows as being there, with an expected delivery date of March 20-22 which obviously won’t be met as it hasn’t shipped. Disappointed but not terribly upset by the delay but I really would have expected a communication from amazon when it still hasn’t shipped nearly a week after the “available” date.

    • Fbdave

      Got a notice finally … They’ll keep trying to ship until April 21. Huh.

  • Rich C

    Just got an email from Amazon stating that they now have a delivery date of March 25th (A week late). Order status says “Shipping Now”, so I’m hoping there’s a chance it will get here by the weekend.

  • Fred T

    I ordered mine from Tiger Direct on March 16th. On the 19th, I received a backorder notice. This morning, I received a cancellation notice for my order, stating:
    TigerDirect would like to thank you again for your order. Unfortunately, one or more items on your order cannot be fulfilled due to circumstances beyond our control (ie: item no longer available, discontinued, etc.).
    They say that I can place the order again, but now I’m at the back on the line.

  • Rich C

    I’m guessing that this chromebox was far more popular than they ever imagined. I suppose it could be the result of some manufacturing problem at ASUS, but I suspect that it’s simply that they didn’t build enough for the demand that result.

  • Kikayon

    I order the thing from Amazon a month ago and was told it would be delivered on March 14th in a confirmation. Over that weekend I recieved a notice that I had to reply to within 24 hours in order to have them “continue to look for the item” until April 7th. I am quite annoyed as I would have tried to preorder from somewhere else if I had known.

  • Mark Bigelow

    I had ordered this ASUS Cromebox from Amazon about three days after they started accepting pre-orders. I chose “free” shipping, and was told to expect deliver between March 20th and 22nd. As of the morning of the 21st, it had not shipped. Then yesterday afternoon I received an email saying it was shipping immediately. It arrived this morning! Apparently they paid for overnight shipping. I’m impressed with Amazon. Also with my new Chromebox!

    • Rickey Shortt

      Is it awesome?! Mine is only an hour away now, in a UPS center, and I expect it to be 30 minutes away later tonight and say “Out For Delivery” on Monday morning. I am ready for Chrome OS!

    • Rich C

      Thursday morning Amazon sent me an email saying they now had an estimated arrival of Tuesday the 25th. The order page said it was shipping by FedEx, and by Thursday night FedEx had the tracking number on their site, but for the status it only said “Shipment information sent to FedEx” with a location of Phoenix Arizona. By Friday morning, it said “Processed by Shipper and loaded into trailer said to contain package”. It’s stayed that way until this morning and now it says “Arrived at FedEx location” with a location of Memphis Tennessee. So as near as I can tell, they put it in a trailer in Phoenix and drove it to Memphis and then gave it to FedEx. So much for 2 day shipping.

  • Kennesawsr

    A few people have had success from B&H photo and Excaliber last week, but as of today no major US vendor has them in stock. I try to keep a daily status available in the Chromebox community on Google+

    • Rickey Shortt

      Mine is finally noted as “Out For Delivery” on UPS tracking, so I will probably have it by 2 p.m. today!

  • shawnfranklinwashington

    Just ordered mine through Amazon (via 3rd party) – will have in 2-6 days.

  • jomcty

    I order two Chromeboxs, one for my kids and one for my father from Amazon (via TigerDirect) the evening March 14 and received them March 20.

    • Freethinking_Jeremy

      :( I ordered one March 22 on TigerDirect because theirs was the only site that didn’t say “out of stock”. Then I got an email on March 25 that said “out of stock, on backorder”.

  • dbuvid

    I preordered a Chromebox on the 13th. I just chatted with a rep from Amazon and they upgraded me to free one day shipping. Also said they were going to e-mail the marketing department and have them notify me when they knew they would be back in stock.

  • J.D.

    I ordered one from New Egg on March 12th and another from Tiger Direct on March 13th… The Tiger Direct order was canceled, by TD, on March 22 due in part to the lack of inventory and unknown delivery date. I immediately, re-ordered from Tiger Direct and this one is currently in a ‘pre-order’ status…the New Egg order arrived on the 26th.

  • Zach

    I placed a preorder on March 15th. Still no delivery estimate.