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ASUS Chromebox With Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB RAM Now Available for $429

070b7461040d47ad8b4445fb97590b79A more powerful version of the successful ASUS Chromebox has seemingly gone on sale.

The ASUS Chromebox M075U uses the same processor as the new i3 Chromebook from Acer to deliver faster performance, better graphics and improved power efficiency.

Both it and an even more powerful Intel Core i7 model were announced by ASUS in March at the launch of the Celeron-based Chromebox, which became an instant best seller on Amazon US. At the rather sweet $180 price point it would’ve been strange had it not.

Whether the i3 model can match its sales remains to be seen. As we’re fond of saying around here, increased performance tends to come with an equally engorged  price tag. The ASUS Chromebook M075U has a retail price of $399 — more than double that of the entry model.

CPU bump aside the device uses the same fanless chassis as its cheaper siblings and features 4GB RAM (upgradeable to 16GB), 16GB of flash-based storage and 4x USB 3.0 ports. HDMI, DisplayPort, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also included by default.

As a bonus, ASUS are reportedly bundling a free wireless keyboard and mouse with purchases of this model.

Where to Buy the ASUS i3 Chromebox

The big question is where can you buy one, and when. The answer to that depends on where you look.  Several well-known American online electronics retailers, including B&H Photo Video, have the device listed as ‘out of stock’ or available to pre-order.

Some third-party sellers on eBay are claiming to have stock in hand, while the sole result on Amazon US is from a company called ‘mobile advance’. They have a model with 2GB of RAM and no bundled accessories listed for $417 (+$10 shipping) is from  EXCaliberPC who are selling the device for $427 (!) plus free shipping.

Buy ASUS i3 Chromebox on Amazon US

We’ll update this article with more links as and when we come across them.

  • Ex Post Facto

    I wish they would release an official version with Ubuntu as well. At least the hardware will probably work without a hitch on other Linux distros.

    • Could contact the manufacturer to enquire

    • calden74

      This is a ChromeBox not a generic computer, Asus also makes a similar looking product that is intended for Windows or Linux, why don’t you check them out. Then you can compile your own version of Chromium OS, install Ubuntu in a dual boot and have the best of both worlds.

  • pmug

    The i3 Chromebox with 4GB RAM retails for $399.

  • Pricey. I got a quad core tronsmart s802 with all the bells and whistles for £80

    • calden74

      The Celeron version is only 170 dollars, just 40 dollars more then your Android setbox, I know which one I would have preferred.

  • Mike

    My $180 ASUS Chromebox with the 22nm Haswell-based dual-core Celeron is great. Don’t bother paying 2x to get an i3

  • LLoyd

    I’m so tired of almost every Chromebook model having only 2 GB of memory and generic 1366×768-resolution displays. Yet when one is lucky enough to find the rare Chromebook with 4 GB and a higher resolution, it’s already sold out! They sell like there’s no tomorrow. We have a super-high end Chromebook Pixel at the top of the heap, and many generic low-res units at the bottom. Why can’t these manufacturers get a clue and offer something a bit more mid-range? As for myself, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  • DB01

    I have the Asus model M075U and it is great. I added 2GB of RAM for a total of 6GB.
    Very happy with the performance.