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New Look HP Chromebook 11 Surfaces in Australia

Aping the look of its bigger brother, HP quietly launches refreshed device down-under

Colourful Options with HP

The version most would expect to receive

A variant of the popular HP Chromebook 11 that features an entirely different design has reportedly surfaced in Australia.

The 11.6-inch device, bought at retail, appears to be largely indistinguishable from the larger HP Chromebook 14, but uses the same Exynos guts as the smaller, more vibrant model that launched last year. 

“Mystery Chromebook”

The unexpected appearance of the device was highlighted online by technology YouTuber Lachlan.

When he decided to order himself an HP Chromebook 11 ‘for a lightweight typing laptop’ he assumed he’d be getting a glossy white notebook with colour accents on the keyboard and a light bar embedded in the lid.

But what he actually received was something totally different: a smaller version of the HP Chromebook 14:

In the video description accompanying his video review of the device he recounts the story:

“I was told [by the store] that they had 20 [Chromebook 11’s] in stock, so I went in to buy one. I was trying to determine what colour the Chromebook was, since it was marked as “WHITE” in the system.

We opened it up in the store and I was surprised to find that it did not look like the glossy white HP Chromebook 11-1101, but instead resembled a miniature HP Chromebook 14. I took it home not really knowing what I had bought.

The model number is marked on the box and on the Chromebook itself as HP Chromebook 11-2001TU.”

Did Lachlan strike it lucky and get an advance unit of an as-yet unannounced device? Bizarrely, it seems not. The Australian HP website hawks this variant design front and centre, implying that this is far from being a device leaked ahead of schedule; this design is very much ‘out there’ in retail.

Slipped Out Quietly

Chromebook Specs (Source: HP AU Website)

Chromebook Specs (Source: HP AU Website)

Compared to the ‘traditional’ HP 11, there are few differences to be found in this redesigned model. Both feature:

  • 11.6″ HD LED Display
  • Exynos 5 Dual (5250) CPU
  • 16GB eMMC
  • 2GB RAM

Lachland notes that his device feels heavier than the 2.4lbs of the 11-1101 model and that the display ‘does not appear to be IPS because of poor viewing angles’. Battery life is estimated at 6 hours.

With retail stores down under already stocking the variant, and the HP website not shy of showing it off, it’s clear that whether formally announced or not this design is ‘out there’.

The lack of IPS display does makes it a less attractive proposition over other, faster 11-inch Chromebooks. There’s also no word or mention of this model being sold outside of Australia and New Zealand.

For more details you can hit play to see Lachlan’s video review of the mystery unit for yourself.

  • Ex Post Facto

    The parts of the video you care about start at 4:25

  • 3r0s

    I tested both HP 11 and Acer C720 and i must say that Acer C720 performs slightly better.
    Plus, Acer C720 has HDMI and 1 USB 2 and USB 3 ports, while HP 11 has no HDMI and 2 USB 2 ports. Acer C720 is also cheaper than HP 11.

    • Adam McNutt

      But the USB port on the HP is also a video out port, just not your “I have this cable laying around” variety.

  • Speerdo

    That’s the same proc that was in my old Samsung “New” Chromebook. It’s seriously underpowered. I recently upgraded to the Acer C720 and it blows the doors off that thing. Why anyone would pay $400 AUD ($375 USD) for the HP 11 is beyond me. Serious pricing flaw on HPs part, or that proc spec is just wrong.

    • calden74

      Both my kids have the HP 11 and although its not as fast as the Acer the build quality of the HP absolutely blows the doors off of the Acer. It really is the perfect laptop for kids, they could literally throw it against the wall and it would survive. I have the same Acer or I should say I did as I just put it up for sale on, Switzerlands eBay. I just bought a Google Pixel, new, still in the box for 450 dollars. I was at a street bazaar in Zurich and came across a booth filled with laptops, the guy obviously didn’t know what he had or he knew and just wanted to get rid of the hot property. No, it was legit, I was even able to redeem the Gdrive space, he buys overstock and computers from banks and other companies. Anyway, the HP 11 is actually a really decent option form those who want a little style mixed in with their computing, yes it’s not the fastest but you are defiantly compromising with build quality when you buy the Acer.

      • Speerdo

        Build quality is important, but if you think the Acer is flimsy, go check out the Samsung. The build quality on that is a joke.

  • KC69

    Best looking 11 inch chromebook to date. Can’t wait for HP’s next lineup of chromebooks.

  • Taylor00

    God this is sexy.

  • paulorccanuto

    HP homepage with chromebooks:
    HP USA homepage shown different models for 11″:

  • david sharp

    Had the HP 11 and Asus 720. 720 worked out better for me. The kids wished it looked like the hp 11 though. The overheating charger kind of made my mind up for me however :-)

    • Ty


  • Wesley Files

    It’s pretty adorable to suddenly see a small version of a computer you’re used to being bigger.

    I think this processor still performs great in my Samsung Chromebook (and keeps improving with updates) so I don’t mind more options using it, but I’ve already got my eyes on the IPS HP 11 if I were buying another.

    • I’m somewhat torn between the HP 11 and the new Samsung Chromebook 2.

      • Wesley Files

        Without some solid information on the in-home experience of the Samsung 2, I am as well. With the HP 11, I know what the money is buying.

        • I would jump on the HP 11 bandwagon in a heartbeat, but I just can’t get over the facts that the processor is not upgraded from the old Samsung Chromebook, and the battery life seems to be pretty dismal.

  • lachlanlikesathing

    Hey everyone! It’s Lachlan here :) I’m pretty sure this is a previously unannounced model, though I have no idea if it’s just an Australian / NZ exclusive or something.
    I made a more detailed hands on video so you can have a bit more of a look at it, including confirmations about the CPU and a look at the LCD quality. This ain’t no IPS folks.

    • Wesley Files

      Do you happen to know Australian MSRP for the HP Chromebook 11 (not this model)?

      • lachlanlikesathing

        The original MSRP for the 11-1101 was 399, so I think this is being positioned at the same price. Which is honestly insane given that the Acer C720 and the Toshiba Chromebook 13 are also 399 here. I would not be surprised if HP is (like some people have suggested) dumping old parts here and will use this Chromebook’s shell for a new Intel / IPS variant…

        • Wesley Files

          Thank you for the answer. After their new Android powered Slatebook 14, I imagine this shell might also be used for a Slatebook 11.

  • spacey

    Hmmm…HP have lost the plot.

  • Wildnorth

    Confirms that my Haswell based 4gig Dell 11 was the right choice.