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How to Easily Set Bing’s Image of the Day as Your Chromebook Wallpaper

Get a fresh new desktop background on your Chrome device daily, courtesy of Bing

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Bing is famous for its use of hi-res imagery

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is famous for using high-resolution, hand-picked imagery to greet users landing on its homepage. 

Bing changes the image everyday, with stunning landmarks, noteworthy people and inspiring nature shots all appearing in a typical week.

You don’t have to be a fan of Bing’s search engine to appreciate the quality of the work it features. In fact, the selection of photographs gracing its homepage are so fantastic that you may want to use them as your desktop wallpaper.

But how?

Bing Desktop Wallpaper App for Chrome OS

On Windows, Mac and Linux there are a number of tools that can download and set the Bing image of the day as the desktop background. Microsoft even bundles the feature into the official Bing desktop app.

On a Chromebook the easiest way to get a Bing-flavoured background has been via the old-fashioned, manual method: download, set and repeat daily. This faff tires faster than the witticism of the service’s ‘Bing It On’ slogan.  

Until now, that is.

Bing Background Wallpaper” is a third-party application for Chrome OS able to automate the task. Once installed it launches in the background at a set interval to check for a new image. When it detects that the image on the search engine’s homepage has changed it downloads and sets it as the default background.


Permission issues mean that this app only works on Chrome OS (dev channel). If you’re reading this on Windows, Mac or Linux head over to Google to find an alternative method (there are plenty available).

Bing Background Wallpaper is a free download, available on the Chrome Web Store.

Bing Background Wallpaper on Chrome Web Store

  • Shriram Bhat

    bing should NOT be advertised in an amazing site like this.

    • Ex Post Facto

      Stop being so insecure and closed-minded.

      • Jason Duca


      • Frederic MANSON


  • Kenny Strawn

    Seems like Microsoft has done a complete 180 from just a few months ago, when Steve Ballmer was still on board… They’ve gone from Scroogled to releasing Chrome apps and extensions. Lolololololololol

    • Seriously now?

      Nadella is doing a good job, indeed.

      I’m not sure why this is funny though.

    • Jop

      The Scroogled campaign isn’t over…

  • blocoholi

    didn’t changed my wallpaper yet…

  • Fernando B.

    The app specifications are for DEV channel only, it does not work for beta channel. My desktop has not updated, and I am on it. The author should correct the post.

  • pja2536

    You should check the ratings and user experiences on the Google Store before recommending apps like this. There is an almost universal bagging of this app.

    • There are no reviews, and there are only 2 star ratings (one of which was left by me!). The app works fine on dev for us, and only has one non-invasive permission, which is why we felt okay in recommending it.

  • blocoholi

    I switched to Dev Channel… Wallpaper hasn’t changed yet… is there a specific time a day when the switch to the newest bing wallpaper will happen?

  • r0j0e

    iFTT does this easily..except the cropping isn’t right