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Chromecast Hitting UK Stores Early March, Say Currys


Google’s HDMi media streaming dongle Chromecast will be available to buy in the UK ‘within weeks’.

A spokesman for British electrical retailer Currys told TNW that it intends to sell the diminutive device from March 1 in the UK – though cautioned this date is still ‘provisional’ and subject to change.

‘This won’t technically be the first time that UK consumers have been able to buy one.’

Whether it arrives bang on March 1 or a few weeks later, this won’t technically be the first time that UK consumers have been able to buy one.

Back in October of last year Amazon US began accepting international orders for the $35 device, allowing British folk to nab one for well under £30. The e-tailer giant later admitted that it made a ‘mistake’ in accepting orders from outside of the US, but that it would honour those placed under the proviso that that the warranty included would be rendered void.

There is no official word on how much UK users can expect to pay for the Chromecast, though my educated guess would put somewhere around the £25-29.99 mark.

A Chromecast Software Development Kit (SDK) was released by Google last week.

Updates as we get them.

  • Boothy

    That consultant Google hired to figure out the map of the world helped then ;).

  • Roland

    Finally. I might be tempted to get one for streaming YouTube to bedroom TV instead of having to use my Chromebook or 2012 Nexus 7.

  • Michael Coates

    I was thinking about picking one of these up while in NYC in early March, possibly along with a chromebook, it’ll probably be cheaper that way. My question though is, if I buy a US version will I be able to region set it to UK when I return so when it’s officially supported it’ll update as if in the UK and as if it was a regular UK store bought version?