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Chrome Beta Updated With New Flash, Extension Badge Fix

Dodgy Badge Backgrounds Fixed in this Update

Dodgy Badge Backgrounds Fixed in this Update

The Beta channel of Google Chrome has been updated across Windows, Linux, Mac and the often forgotten about Chrome Frame.

Chrome beta gets bumped up to buildĀ 26.0.1410.28 with its release.

So what’s new and notable? The build contains, amongst other fixes, the following:

  • Updated Flash Player
  • ‘Your profile cannot be opened’ issue dealt with
  • Stability fixes
  • Issue with Extension badge background colour fixed
  • Text rendering bug in Flash fixed
  • Bookmark window scrollbar quirk nixed

A full list of changes can be read in the SVN log for this release.

Want to hop aboard the dev or beta channels? See our How To.

Image Credit: Jason Levine
  • ken147

    Also, the newest Dev build has a new notification design.

    • Virgil Q Staphbeard

      Nice, does this happen to include the download manager? Is it just me or does anyone find the bottom bar less than ideal?

      • It doesn’t yet, no.

        • Virgil Q Staphbeard

          Blast! And it’s nice to finally have a run in with you in the comments!

  • Lou G

    I just wish I knew why Hangout Toolbox doesn’t want to work on my arm device. i’ve tried to contact them to no avail.