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Chrome Cements Lead as Worlds Biggest Browser

Google Chrome is now officially the worlds most used browser.

Sort of.

The claim is based on statistics from the independent web analytic company StatCounter.Chrome leap-frogged Microsoft’s Internet Explorer last week, but with a full data for May now available, the lead has been cemented.

Utilising data from over 15 billion page views around the world, the company’s end of month report shows that Chrome squeaked into the lead with 32.43% of total marketshare, a small but clear 0.31% above IE’s 32.12% share.

If StatCounter’s data is indicative – and it’s worth bearing in mind that different data providers show different trends based on their collection method – then Firefox remains the biggest loser, hamoegerring users to Chrome.

Worldwide ≠ America

Although it’s good news for Chrome globally Microsoft aren’t out for the count.

The same stats that pin Chrome’s lead worldwide also show that Internet Explorer still commands a steady 14% lead over Chrome in the USA, where Chrome only narrowly snatches second place from Mozilla’s Firefox.

Microsoft have rebuffed StatCounter’s data, and instead point to analytics from HitsLink. Their data proffers that IE maintains a dominant post-50% share to Chrome and Firefox’s sub-20% a piece.

The real picture will bear out as more stats firms publish their data for May.

  • Joel dos Santos Almeida

    Well, for me, Chrome leads from a long time ago :P

    • epikvision

      Excellence and elegance has come a long way. :-)

  • Nirmik

    Usiing chrome from day 1!! :D

  • Only reason why IE is used a lot more than Chrome in the US because Microsoft forces the download of IE9.

    • Benjamin

      Download ≠ using

  • Chrome deserved it.

  • fab

    i sporadically used Chrome in the last few years/months. always used firefox since version 1.x. but now since firefox started to be a resource hog and basically not working properly anymore with flash (constant crashes for doing basically surfing websites with flash content) i thought i’d give Chrome again a try, now a few weeks later i don’t even remember the icon firefox has… i am not talking about internet explo”d”er as it was always a big mess and totally unusable. using Chrome on my laptop is like…well, nothing bad ever happens and all things just work perfectly and with the sync of Chrome for Android i don’t want to ever change this winning game anymore

    • Texasso

      Actually, in my experiences the newer versions of firefox actually handle flash better than chrome. Firefox also handles large numbers of tabs better than chrome. Basically, I use Firefox for video and Chrome for general browsing.

  • fab

    ..wanted to add: i don’t think it’s a “which browser is better” discussion. just try some of the browsers and test it with the usual browsing behavior you have and you’ll find out which one suits you best. for me now it’s a 100% Google Chrome decision

  • Neko

    Definitely deserved it. Chrome is probably the most vigorously developed mainstream browser. They constantly are performing and adding new features. Chrome all the way!

  • Ben

    Joey, do a favor and stop spreading this fud. There’s many firms, and this is the first I’ve seen that actually puts Chrome as top. There’s a long way to go before Chrome “cements,” or even obtains, the title of most widely used.

    • Chances are you didn’t read past the headline. I do mention that these stats are from one company:

      “Google Chrome is now officially the worlds most used browser. Sort of.

      The claim is based on statistics from the independent web analytic company StatCounter.”

      It’s also not ‘FUD’ to report what StatCounter have collected; these are their stats. Sure, they’re not likely no more accurate as a whole than those from Microsoft’s preferred analytics company which sees IE command some insane 60% lead, but they are, nevertheless, worth reporting on.

  • marcelo

    USA ≠ America

    • I KNOW, sometimes I think it’d be nice if the world would recognize people like me from Canada, and Mexican’s etc as well, do live in (North) “America”, but we’re not from the USA. I don’t call people from the US american’s, I call them USians :P

    • I KNOW RIGHT! I’m from Canada, which is in America (North America at that), and Canada IS different than the US. We have two official languages, the US don’t :P

      Anyway, would be nice if people from the US could have a different name, I always call them “USians” rather than American’s :P

  • xshaneyx

    I don’t get browser wars anyway. Who cares what other people are using (apart from the companies behind them and their sponsors).

    I don’t care if only one person in the world was using chrome (me). Well apart from the fact they would quit development if nobody but me used it :(

  • Chance Griffitt

    IE only has a chance because of ignorant users. Anyone who still uses IE has pretty much proven themselves worthless when it comes to computers.