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Future ChromeOS Devices to Ship With Manufacturer Wallpaper As Default

Future ChromeOS devices will ship with vendor-specific default wallpapers. 

At present all ChromeOS devices, regardless of manufacturer, show the same default Chrome wallpaper.

But in a recent commit to the Chromium code base allows for an ‘alternate’ default wallpaper to be loaded by vendors prior to shipping.

Vendor-branded wallpapers don’t have the best reputation for being well designed. In fact, more often than not they tend to be garish.

They say that first impressions count, but how good that impression is will soon depend on how serious each vendor takes good design.

Your Next Chromebook’s Default Wallpaper?

  • ken147

    They should ship with the wallpapers that Joey Sneddon uses.

    Just sayin’….

  • No no no no this is the start of the slippery slope, just like Android.

    Why can’t Google stand up to manufacturers and carriers :(

  • Oh dear that Acer wallpaper is offensively bad. This shouldn’t be thing. Invariably, bad wallpapers wallpapers will put people off Chrome OS, not the OEM, even though every single one of them (I guarantee it) will be branded with the OEM’s logo.

  • Leon L Justice

    I feel you guys and I hate it also, but once you login you can change the wallpaper right. If the boot splash is vendor specific that is another story.