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Chrome for Android Dev Channel (Finally) Arrives

Google has announced a new dev channel version of Chrome for Android, available to install from the Play Store. 

chrome dev logo icon

Unlike the regular version of Chrome for Android the dev — short for ‘developer’ or ‘development’ — version is not being aimed at regular users.

The purpose of the dev channel is to allow testing of new features and changes often at an early, incomplete or buggy stage.

The release joins the regular stable version of Chrome for Android and Chrome for Android Beta, the latter of which launched back in 2013.

Google say users of the dev version can expect to receive updates on ‘roughly the same schedule as other platform Dev channels’.

The Chrome Dev Channels on desktop and Chrome OS receive several updates a month.

Download Chrome Dev for Android

Unlike on the desktop or in Chrome OS, you can install Chrome Dev for Android alongside other versions of Chrome for Android.

Chrome Dev for Android is free to install available from the Play Store and is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 or later.

The app is not visible in  Play Store listings through search so anyone wanting to live on the bleeding edge will need to use the following link.

Install Chrome Dev for Android from Google Play Store

  • HarryWarden

    Any idea on when VLC Media Player will be hitting ChromeOS? I did a Google search and there was an article that mentioned the end of April, which obviously didn’t happen.

    • Jose Reyes

      have a tried videostream?

    • Micah Focht

      The android version of VLC running in chromeOS under arc is fully functional, with the exception of streaming video. Use twerk and add external filesystems.

      • HarryWarden

        Hi. Could you explain how exactly to get it working? I downloaded Twerk from the Web Store. Which version of VLC for Android should I download: The ARM or x86 version? Once that’s done, what do I do to actually play movies?


  • NielsD

    Anyone out there that found a way for using scanners as Lide 7 on a Chromebook?

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