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Chrome for Android Showcases Redesigned ‘New Tab Page’

The latest version of Chrome for Android beta now showcases an improved version of the ‘New Tab Page’.

The new page replaces the informative, albeit rather crowded, page with a cleaner design proudly displaying the refreshed Google logo, a selection of the most visited pages and links to areas of the old page which are now hidden from view.

New tab page

Current ‘new tab’ page (left) compared to the new ‘new tab’ page offered in Chrome Beta (right)

You can preview the new New Tab PageĀ in Chrome for Android Beta from release 31.0.1650.32 onwards. At the time of writing, however, it only seems to be available when using Chrome on a smartphone and not a tablet device.

Download Chrome Beta

  • Jon A.

    Someday the new New Tab Page will come to Linux…

    • Mathspy

      It theoretically did just now.
      Since Android is based upon Linux after all

      • Jon A.

        You know, I thought about making a comment about that, but decided not to. Desktop Linux, anyhow.

        • Mathspy

          Well, I guess that you have to just wait. I still have the old New Tab Page on my Chrome on Windows anyway. And I am not that interested in updating unless that Google Now will be dependable on it

      • Chromebooks are Linux based too, right? It looks pretty cool.

        • Mathspy

          On yes, almost forgot!

    • Christopher Mason

      Edit the desktop file to have the –enable-instant-extended-api flag after google-chrome.

  • Devon Garber

    I hope it gets out of beta soon.

  • kristo

    The Play Store also has been updated (also on tablets, at least on my N7), now with the common Google app style featuring a left-side menu, containing now the ‘my apps’ function. Btw I never understood the ‘Other bookmarks’ implement.

  • Low IQ

    There are allot of hidden features I hope get put out for consumer consumption.

  • kristo

    Doesn’t appear on my GN. Could be a flags thing I changed in the past, will check it out later.

  • adam evans

    why do i need another search box google!! theirs always one at the top of my browser and my bookmarks are much better for new tabs

    • Jason

      And a non-removable one on my home screen because Nexus / default Android.

      I suspect that perhaps the shape of the Google homepage is a bit of a recognisable thing. Google logo with the search box below it together are kind of an overall Google Search trademark.

      • kristo

        Not on my GN, so adam has a point. That said, the same is true for the desktop.

        • Jason

          I installed Chrome beta on my Nexus 4 when I posted this.

  • yrral tabagan

    My tablet is avatar not connected to wifi i dont know why?internet my own…help me pls…tnx?