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Google Axes ‘Chrome Frame’ Plugin for Internet Explorer

Google Chrome Frame is to be retired early next year, Google has announced.

The plugin, first released in 2010, enables older versions of Internet Explorer to render pages using Google Chrome’s rendering engine, allowing sites and apps built with newer web technologies to display correctly when viewed inside the legacy browser.

Google Chrome Frame

Chrome Frame running in Internet Explorer on Windows XP

“We see the retirement of Chrome Frame as evidence of just how far the web has come.” – Google

Google reason that since more people are using modern browsers that natively support newer web technologies the need for a feature like Chrome Frame is reduced.

The plugin saw limited use by desktop users. It was mainly adopted by businesses and enterprise users who were ‘locked’ into using older versions of Internet Explorer.

The final update to Chrome Frame will come in January 2014. Google say this will give enough time for businesses using the plugins to transition to more modern solutions.

Chrome Frame is still available for download at the time of publishing. It requires Internet Explorer 6 through 9 on Windows XP SP2 through Windows 7.

Google Chrome Frame is no longer available to download.

Never heard of Chrome Frame? Here’s Google’s introduction to the feature:

Image Credit: Wikipedia, Used with permission from Microsoft
  • Jonathan Alfonso

    I *silently* installed this on my parent’s computer a few years back when they said their IE was slow, but now they just use Chrome anyways. I see what they mean by it’s not really needed anymore because IT departments are faced with the task of upgrading from XP, which means death (for the most part) to IE6, and the introduction of modern browsers like IE10 and IE11.

    I’m actually surprised they supported it for this long. I have to give them credit for providing such a handy utility for businesses and the like who are stuck with IE6 :)

    • Yeah, Chrome Frame was a pretty good tool back in the day. It even worked for IE8, giving XP users Chrome without the browser itself.

  • Funny that you used a screenshot I made, Joey :)

    • Jazzyboy1

      Anybody is able to access wikipedia and make an identical screenshot.

      So I don’t see the issue here.