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Chrome IRC App ‘CIRC’ Updated With New Icon and Keyboard Shortcuts (Updated)

Logo change likely to overshadow other improvements

CIRC Running Chrome Mac OS X

CIRC, a popular IRC app for Chrome and Chrome OS, has been updated with  handful of minor improvements. 

Version of the streamlined open-source chat client introduces a brand new icon, adds a smattering of extra keyboard shortcuts and offers power users basic support for the /alias IRC command.

#Good or #Bad?

The new icon arriving in this release will prove divisive. The old multi-coloured and layered hash icon the app used has been remade. It’s now taller, less intricate and uses a radial golden gradient rather than a collection of four primary colours.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.15.14

Is it an improvement? That’s for you to decide. One user has already filed a bug report asking for the old icon to be brought back and describing the new design as ‘awful’ — ouch!

Update: Since this article went live the developer of CIRC has said he is aware that “…the current logo is not ideal. It will change.” 

Update #2: A new icon (3rd in screenshot above) was pushed out in a release on June 1, though alternatives continue to be proposed.

Update #3: Another new icon (added to screenshot above) was pushed out in a release on June 9.

Sidebar Switching

In a less controversial change, chat rooms and servers listed in the sidebar can be switched between ad-hoc using the Alt+Tab (forward) or Alt+Shift+Tab (backwards) keyboard shortcuts.

Previous CIRC updates have brought better padding of UI elements, a collapsable sidebar, SSL improvements and additional IRC command support.

CIRC is a free download and is available from the Chrome Web Store.

CIRC on Chrome Web Store

  • Duane Bekaert

    >The old multi-coloured and layered hashtag icon
    >hashtag icon
    God damn it.

  • Noveon

    God, it’s horrible. It seems like it’s made with WordArt with Office 2003.

  • murazaki

    What happened ?? Did the designer die ? Did he become colorblind ?

  • Harrison Pace

    Dev ” I’m aware that the current logo is not ideal. It will change, thanks for your patience.”

    Well that was fast, eh?

    • Glad to see/hear they’re not precious about the ‘new’ icon. Sometimes designers can be. +1 to CIRC devs.

  • Alan Bell

    “hashtag icon”!?! :( that would be a hash icon. It saddens me in a grumpy old git kinda way that we are moving from people calling # a pound sign to people calling # a hashtag, when the thing is just a hash symbol.

    • My bad. I was trying to be all hip and down with the kids :(

      • Alan Bell

        Joey is so hip he has difficulty seeing over his pelvis :)

  • Phil

    Four prime colors?

  • Harrison Pace

    New Icon –

    (Still leaves much to be desired) – old icon made it feel almost like an official Google client – simplicity with great design.

    • Seriously now?

      I thought they changed it *because* it looked official, and yet it wasn’t. No one with good taste would say the the original one wasn’t incredibly beautiful. Now they are using Chrome’s logo on the icon, and make it even worse than the first “revision”? So that it looks both terrible *and* official?

    • One wonders why they didn’t just keep the old icon, but change the colours…

  • I made the old version. Not sure why flackr changed it…

    • Seriously now?

      That adds to the mystery. Did you take assets from a previous icon without permission or something? I was thinking he either had a quarrel with the original designer, or Google scolded him for using something that looks like an actual Google icon. The latter can’t be, considering the new new icon uses Chrome’s icon as the base, and you’re certainly not informed of the change.

      I wonder what happened. Also, thumbs up for the original icon. One of the best ones on the Chrome app store. If colouring was really the issue, you should contact flackr and recolour the icon in a way that doesn’t remind of Google’s branding.

      • Newest comment from flakcr: “Unfortunately I can’t go into details, but it had to be changed. If anyone has any other ideas I’m open to suggestions and/or I can iterate on improving the current one.” Trying to get a hold of him to see what’s up/if I can help with a new one.

      • …if being too goog is a crime then lock me up :U

  • Seriously now?

    It looks like something that came straight out of 1995.

    Like IRC.

  • I more then likely suspect that was forced due to a copyright strike, or a cease & desist order. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to change the icon at all. I’ve said this multiple times in #circ to the folks who have come there. I’m Techman on IRC, btw.

    • I made the previous icon. I offered to make a new one but he hasn’t responded. If you get a hold of him, would you mind mentioning my offer? He can contact me at themichaelcook at

      • You can always connect to freenode and send him a memo/leave a PM :P

        I’ll forward this info to him anyways.

  • That’s seriously the _new_ icon? It looks like one of those olde programs you have lying about on your computer that you needed for one task and are now reduntant and old.

  • Mario Martinez

    argggg… please some designer contact him.