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Chrome Continues Stealing Mobile Marketshare from AOSP Android Browser

chrome-android-shortcut-homescreenAs predictable as an outraged comment to a YouTube video and probably about as accurate: another month sees another set of mobile browser marketshare stats spewed forth by analytic services.

The latest tracking stats from Net Market Share shows a modest gain for Chrome (on Android and iOS) for the period of March 1 to March 31, 2014. It gained a 0.85% increase over its February footprint to rest at a respectable 12.94% of ‘worldwide usage’.

An improvement, and certainly stealing some share from the AOSP Android Browser, whose marketshare remains a healthy 23.44% (down 0.4% on last month).

Apple’s Safari browser remains the biggest mobile browser, commanding a whopping 53.91%.

The once dominant Opera Mini fell by more than 1% to a smudge over 3.5%; while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, boosted by rocketing sales of Windows Phone devices, jumps from 1.7% to a respectable 2.31%.

  • Oh, so that’s why they still ship with Browser instead of Chrome – it all makes sense now :D Although shouldn’t they make it more modular, so that companies that pay for Google Apps can remove Browser and just have Chrome?

    Also, I’m imagining that you think that Chrome OS is better than Ubuntu Joey, considering you keep having links to OMG! Chrome! articles on OMG! Ubuntu! and no OMG! Ubuntu! links on OMG! Chrome! ?

    • Christopher Mason

      OEM’s can remove Browser & just have Chrome. Google has been pushing them to do this. In fact, stock Android (Nexus) already does. The OEM’s are the ones refusing to remove Browser, cause it’s a part of their crappy overlays.

      • Anonymoused

        My S5 didn’t come with Samsung’s browser on it, like my s3 did. Awesome!

  • I still love my Dolphin Browser. Even though Chrome is getting better on Android, I’m still not giving up Dolphin :)

    • What exactly do you love so much about Dolphin may I ask?

  • madjr

    UC browser is the one I like the most and has night mode