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Chrome to Mobile Extension Discontinued, Will Stop Working Next Month

'Use Tab Sync Instead', Search Giant Advises

chrome to mobile extension

Chrome to Mobile: Removal Pending

Google has announced that it’s discontinuing the ‘Chrome to Mobile’ browser extension as of February 2015.

The one time must-have add-on for Android fans everywhere debuted in 2012, riding the crest of Ice Cream Sandwich. It allowed webpages to be quickly and easily sent from desktop Chrome to an Android (and later iOS) phone/tablet running the mobile version.

The extension was particularly useful for its option to send a copy of a webpage for offline viewing.

chrome to mobile

Chrome to Mobile: ‘Send copy for offline viewing’

Times Change, And So Do User Habits

But times, habits and priorities change. As reported by Android Police, Google is to remove the Chrome for Mobile extension from the Chrome Web Store sometime in ‘early February 2015’.

The search giant is advising affected users to switch to Tab Sync for Chrome, a feature that allows webpages open in Chrome on any device to be viewed and accessed from another automatically, without the need to click a button.

The extension required Google Chrome to be installed on a mobile device (it couldn’t be used without it), and since the introduction of Tab Sync offers a similar feature built into both mobile and desktop offerings, the move is far from a shocking, unexpected or illogical one.

On the upside, in retiring support for the add-on Google will be able to remove the unneeded code from the main Chrome codebase. Chromium developers will no longer need to continually check, test and workaround the feature when introducing changes elsewhere.

Google’s older ‘Chrome to Phone’ extension and Android app pairing does not appear to be affected by this planned change.

If you’re one of the 540,000 users still ferrying webpages using Chrome to Mobile none of this will be news to you. Google rolled out an update yo the add-on in question in mid-January to warn of the impending obsolescence — but we’re interested in what you think.

Will you miss Chrome to Mobile? Or do you already get a cross-platform efficiency fix from Tab Sync? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • People still use that? Judging by the icon, it probably hasn’t been updated since the HTC G1 came out.

    • Fresmantris

      This extension has been updated regularly

  • Coza

    I think everyone has switched over to Pushbullet which offers a great alternative to this.

    • Pushbullet is wonderful.

      • Colton Brady

        Pushbullet is the bacon of my life

  • I didn’t even know this extension existed. I always used Chrome To Phone until a month or two ago when I couldn’t get it to work, and I was too lazy to troubleshoot it, so I just said “F it” and uninstalled it.

  • CrazyDelta

    It was a great extension when it came out originally. Proved very useful but I havnent used it in ages.

  • Droid6

    I don’t want mobile to chrome automatically.

    One answer : PushBullet

    • Deni Kurniawan

      agreed. pushbullet rulez!

    • flynsarmy

      Thanks. I was actually a bit distraught about this news bceause I use Chrome to phone all the time. Pushbullet was exactly what I was looking for

  • Fresmantris

    I was hoping for a long time that Google would bring Android+chromeOS like integration(calls,sms, notifications) to mac and windows by updating this extension but looks like this would never happen

  • FILA

    Never knew this existed, how is this different then Chrome to Phone

  • eprisencc

    Install prowl extension for chrome, download prowl for android or ios, for ios if you are jailbroken install browser changer and set it to chrome, and boom you have the same functionality as chrome to mobile.

  • Darkest Ecko

    I seriously cannot believe Chrome to Phone is being discontinued! It’s a very simple and useful concept where users get to send ONLY what they want to their devices. There is no TRUE substitute. How is it that with every technological step forward, we somehow mange to take three steps backward? Some things need to be left as “user’s choice!” We know what we want and we love when you help us to realize what we need! When take away what we want, you take away something you have created that has become what we need! Please restore the extension!