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Google Chrome Mobile Usage Grows During October

Google Chrome’s share of mobile internet browsing continued to rise in October – marking the eighth consecutive month it has done so.

Its bump, while small, was no doubt helped by the arrival of new features in both its Android and iOS builds. As of October 2013, Google Chrome accounts for upwards of 6.8% of all worldwide mobile internet traffic according to internet analytics company NetMarketshare.

But Chrome wasn’t October’s only winner. Apple’s Safari skipped up 1.6% from September to 55.88%. This figure is likely to have been bolstered by the arrival of iOS 7 and the launch of the new iPhone 5 and 5C.

Elsewhere, the erstwhile Android Browser remains the second biggest window on the web, with 23.45% of users. Opera Mini continues to haemorrhage users falling from 11.16% back in June to just 6.91% in October.

You can see the full stats for each of the mobile browsers’ share, as reported by NetMarketshare, in the chart below.

  • NetMarketShare is garbage and inaccurate. It only collects data from websites that use its tools – see

    Meanwhile, Statcounter ( collects information from millions of websites (see, resulting in far better accuracy as to which browser has the higher global marketshare.

    • bimsebasse

      I find it hard to believe Opera has a 25% mobile browser market share, ahead of iPhone’s browser. The NetMarketshare numbers seem a lot more accurate.

      • Where does it say that?

        • bimsebasse
          • Opera’s mobile browser has gotten a bit of press lately, however I suspect the reason for that marketshare increase is a user agent mistake.
            But that’s just for mobile browsers.

          • bimsebasse

            This article is about mobile browser market share.

          • Samuel Gabbay

            because there new version is missing out on a ton

      • Opera is /extremely/ popular in Asia. It’s not inaccurate.

  • Derrick

    I wonder how much longer until Blackberry is lumped in with Other and WP/IE replaces it…


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