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Chrome OS 27 Starts Rolling Out – This Time For Real


Chrome OS 27 Update

Good things come to those who wait. And for Chromebook owners on the Stable channel, wait they’ve had to!

Chrome OS 27 has started to roll out to all Chromebooks. The update, originally announced May 23rd, appeared to be temporarily pulled by Google for undisclosed reasons.

Whatever the issue was it appears to be resolved as many users, including OMG! Chrome! readers, are reporting that the update is finally filtering down to their devices via the Chrome update channel.

You can check to see if the update is ready for your device by opening Settings > Help.

Don’t see it? Hit the refresh key 8-10 times and you should get it.

  • Dave Jones

    “not reporting”? :-)

  • otherplans

    I got it, according to the version number I’ve got now. I don’t have the option to move the launcher, though. I didn’t actually want to move it, so it’s not a huge deal. I wonder what happened to it, though.

    • It may, perhaps, be part of why the release was pulled?

      You can enable the feature via chrome:flags, though.

      • otherplans

        Thank you. I haven’t tried any of those chrome:flags options. I’ve only read a little about them. Need to learn more, I guess. Only got the Chromebook a little over a week ago. I actually like the launcher right where it is, so not a problem. Was just wondering.

  • JebEldridge

    Still haven’t gotten it -_-

  • Carlos

    Nothing here yet! :(

  • Spencer Hill

    Got it. Immediately noticed that Hangout windows now stack if they’re docked to the bottom of the screen. Much needed feature! PS I’m on a Pixel so that may explain why I’ve gotten the update but others haven’t?

  • sascha schroeder

    got it too,acer c7

  • Lou G

    I’ve got the Samsung Chromebook (the arm based one) and nothing yet. Getting so annoyed at google too

    • Andrew Mezzi

      Same here

  • Lou G

    hate to say it, but maybe Google should start using a microsoft approach to releases–all on one day, at the same time.

  • Naga Tudor

    i just bought my samsung chromebook today(arm version) and it updated to version 26 now it says its up to date…i tried refreshing 100 times restarting and reseting the chromebook yet it still tells me my chromebook is up-to-date. Off topic: im not pleased with video playback at all, youtube lags at hd…

  • My Chromebook Pixel is still stuck on 25 for some reason. =/

  • DoctorRabbitfoot

    Nothing on Samsung Chromebook (ARM)

    • Naga Tudor

      same here…

    • Lou G

      same here.

      • frhoads

        I got the update on my Samsung, but the Acer has not received anything, no matter how many times I refresh [well, I stopped at 50 the last three times I tried.]