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Chrome OS 28 Released. Blink, Improved File Manager & Immersive Browsing

Google has released a new version of their operating system for Chrome devices. Version 28 brings the new rendering engine, Blink to Chrome OS; an all-new file manager and immersive browsing.

 As with the Chrome update to 28 for Windows, Mac and Linux earlier this week the Blink rendering engine has now replaced WebKit. Check out our post about the Chrome 28 update which is included in this release of Chrome OS.

What’s New in Chrome OS 28

Immersive mode – A new button on each window will place the browser in fullscreen mode, which hides the toolbar and shelf. Hovering at the top will reveal the toolbar and shelf again.

All-new File Manager – The File Manager has been updated to a Packaged App. It supports a new panel interface, speed improvements and support for files that are Shared with me and Recent on Google Drive.


New Packaged App File Manager

Monitor Rotation and Scaling – you can scale the Chrome UI smaller and rotate the screen on all Chromebooks.

Rich Notifications & Notification Centre – The new Notification Centre along with Rich Notifications has been added in this update, including a new notification for screenshots.

Furthermore, improved language support, touch link highlighting on Chromebook Pixels, Chrome Office Viewer (Beta) extension updates, and Pepper Flash updates to version 11.8.800.94 have been added.

Finally, this release includes many bug fixes as well as performance and security improvements. I personally have seen significant performance improvements on my ageing Series 5!

Chrome OS 28.0.1500.68 is available now for all Chrome devices. Devices will receive updates over the next several days.

  • shadowguy14

    I’m glad they fixed the file manger where it wouldn’t minimize everything when opened. Very annoying. I haven’t noticed much difference on my ARM Chromebook.

  • Lou G

    I have not noticed any difference on my ARM chromebook except I can now use lower thirds in my google+ hangouts and the file manager.

  • dhasenan

    One of the most noticeable changes for me is that they broke middle click / control-click for opening links in new tabs. Only for anchor links, but it’s been annoying me severely. I can’t wait for m29.

    • Simon King

      It works OK on mine

    • Jason Gudmundson

      Not for me :(

  • James Fowler Jr.

    Wow I’ve already been updated

  • mary

    Can anyone help me figure out why the notification center isn’t working for me? I am using a Samsung Chromebook and have updated to Chome OS version 28.0.1500.68. I have enabled the notifications both in settings and on the chrome://flags page. Why do I have no notification center and no notifications? Thanks so much!

    • The notification centre only appears when there are notifications to be read, otherwise it’s hidden.

      You can install the ‘galore’ app from the Chrome Web Store to play with it.

      • Lou G

        ironically it does not work for things like tweet deck.

  • Raymond Coolidge III

    They removed “immersive browsing” from the changelog on the Chrome Releases blog, wonder what happened with that. Did anyone actually get that update?

  • Nicolas Ruiz

    Hi! I just bought a Samsung Chromebook. Looking forward to it’s arrival. I do have a question I couldn’t get an answer on google: I have a Western Digital MyBook Live, the one you access through your network. Is there anyway to access it in the Chrome OS, perhaps on this new update? Thanks!!! Looking forward to start applying on my Chromebook any tip I see on this site.

    • If the WD MyBook drive has a web interface, then yes. Currently Chrome OS doesn’t support network shares or FTP either.

  • Claude


    I’m considering getting a Samsung Chromebook. If I don’t have access to Google Music because I’m in Canada, where do I put my 3 gigs of music?s

    • Bruce

      You can upload them to grooveshark for free.

  • icevenom

    why cant i add things to my home screen? and why cant i download certain games on here that are in the chrome store? everything in there should be aqble to be downloaded!!! not just certain ones of “your” choice!! and any movie i play from any site dont dont work right!! eather it freezes half wayb through. or the volume stops working. what the hecks up with this piece of junk? oh and if you want to download from another site other than the chrome store. you cant do that eather. why? its mine. i own it. and that would be totally up to me what i download. “not you at google”!!!! i cant even get the dang thing to sink nto nother devices for gods sake! always say itll ruin my notebook when i try to get something google dont want you to have. thats the problem. theres so many things wrong with this thing i cant belive it. and ive only had it a week at that!!! well im in the hunt for something better ill tell ya that. if i new that this thing was that messed up. i would of never bought it. and seems to me google dont care. other wise theyed of sent out a fix everything app for everyone to download to fix there chrome notebooks. and they havent. thats sad because this has bin going on awhile from all the compants ive seen on here!!!

    • thundernotebook

      just wait. it will improve eventually. chrome OS isn’t a replacement for a real computer. it is a web browser based Operating System. Trust me. I did the same exact thing when I first got one.

  • S. P. Gass

    FYI File mgr really slow when viewing pics: