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Chrome OS Gallery Goes Standalone, Image Editor ‘Refresh’ Planned

image-editor-walkthrough Part 1

Chrome OS Image Viewer

The Chrome OS image viewer is being ‘split out’ from the file manager and into its own separate application. 

A commit making the gallery app — which also includes an image editor — a standalone app was pushed to Chromium code last week. It states:

“Add manifest, assets, and empty place holders for new separated Gallery app.

Currently the gallery app is integrated to  This is the first patch to separate the gallery from”

The change follows similar decisions to make both the native audio and video players their own independent apps. It’s likely that the Gallery app will not be listed in the App Launcher, as is the case with the video and audio players, but only accessible when opening a supported file format from the file manager.

‘Developers will be able to add new features faster…’

Among the rationale given for carving it out was inconsistent behaviour when exiting the main image viewer, whereby clicking the ‘x’ window control in the viewer closes the file manager rather than backing out to the folder containing the image.

There are other boons in becoming independent. Chrome developers will be able to add new features faster without having to worry about impacting the performance or stability of a core utility.

Alongside the newly spun-out image viewer there is a planned ‘refresh’ of the Image Editor, work on which is tentatively targeted to start in Chrome OS 37.

While you wait for the standalone Gallery app to filter down, you can learn to use current version of the Gallery app like a ninja with our handy guide.

  • Croco

    Finally ChromeOS is getting better at multimedia tasks. Chromebooks really need that.

  • Roland

    Would be nice if they put the Audio/Video & image apps in the App Drawer and allowed the opening of files directly, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Mike

    Chrome os keeps getting better and better

  • moe

    it’s nice but i feel like this app, plus making folders, and allowing users more flexibility on customization should have been made a long time ago.

    • Lord of the Sword

      It should have never happened. It’s a big inconvience. Besides, making folders has been available for over two years.

  • afx

    as much as i love Chrome OS, it moves at a slow pace. i upgraded/downgraded (however you see fit) to an asus transformer book t100ta with windows 8.1. i still have my samsung chromebook which my wife uses now. i was going to grab the new samsung chromebook but decided against it, just because i feel that Chrome OS moves at a slower pace in regards to development. maybe one day ill grab another chromebook.

    • moe

      yes i completely agree, it makes buying new chromebooks seem unnecessary

    • Boothy

      Really? Name another OS that moves faster.
      Admittedly Chrome is coming from further back, but in 3 years it’s come on quite a lot. The 2 windows updates in 18 months add about the same as Chrome does in 3 months.
      I like W8 too, just observing release speed.

      • moe

        I agree with most if what you wrote, but it just feels like these are all experimental phases of chrome os. We all know this has potential and compare it to mostly Android because its the other Google operating system we would all like to become progress more, imagine widgets on this os, or full customization of the desktop i think that would enable more confidence to the users. Just a thought to think about.

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  • Lord of the Sword

    The separation is really annoying. I have lots of files with similar names, and instead of going in order, like it was when connected to the files app, it skips all around from place to place. It’s really, really annoying.

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