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Chrome OS Adds 60 New Aerial Wallpapers

Some 60 new wallpapers have been added to the Chrome OS wallpaper gallery. 

The designs are made up of various aerial shots taken from Google Maps satellite data. From stunning bird’s-eye views of mountains, fields and ice sheets to man-made structures, landmarks and more.


All of the images, which were uploaded before the weekend, are available to download directly in the wallpaper picker app, and are available at a max resolution of 3000×2000 — a perfect fit for the hi-res screen of the Chromebook Pixel.

The satellite imagery marks the first major update to the wallpapers offered in the OS. The previous update, HP Chromebook 11 wallpaper aside, was back in mid-2013.

  • Jeggy

    sorry this is a bit off topic, but is it possible to get ChromeOS as a Desktop Environment to Ubuntu 14.04?

    • Ish. If you’re running Ubuntu x64 bit there’s an installer that lets you ‘log in’ to an Aura desktop, but it’s not perfect and a bit broken.

      Interestingly, Google is now bundled the entire Ash/Aura shell into Linux builds which should mean, in theory, it’ll be possible to use it similar to the Metro session on Windows 8.

    • calden74

      No, you can add traditional Linux packages to Chromium OS though, the development version of Chrome OS. It takes a little time but if done right you could have programs such as VLC, Libre Office, Wine, VNC, even FireFox.

  • Alexander Terry

    anyone have a .zip of all 60?

  • Steve

    Do you have to download them manually? Do they not appear automatically?

  • LiamTHX

    Um… cool?

  • Pamela Gjertson

    How can we find out the location(s) of these aerial iimages?

    • Agnes Soder

      I would like to know as well!

    • Erik

      I want to know, too!!! Seems to be an ongoing mystery…. I’ve just spent an HOUR of my frickin morning trying to figure out where one of the volcano wallpapers is from – NOTHING. This is disappointing, since Google once seemed to want to educate people. #FAIL