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Chrome Web Store Can Now Show What Apps Are Popular in Your Country

web store tileAs we reported on last month, Google has started to show ‘Available for Android’ links on select web apps and browser extensions listed in the Chrome Web Store.

Shortly after hitting publish on our article about it in May, Google removed both the Android links and accompanying search filters from the store — pesky!

Good news though as this weekend saw both items quietly reintroduced plus a couple of other subtle changes that should make finding new apps a bit easier.

Android Filter

First up, the ‘Available on Android’ filter is once again available . It can be selecting from the sidebar filters when performing a search or by selecting the ‘For Android’ item in the drop-down menu at the top of the results grid.

android menu item

Android filer accessible from the menu

When viewing search results for apps, add-ons or themes with a linked Android app — the precise mechanism for which is, as of writing, unknown — a small Android icon and link to ‘get’ the app sits next to the publisher’s name:

get it on android link

Get It: Quick links to Play Store listings

Cliicking the ‘Get It’ link will open the application page on the Google Play Store in a new browser tab.

Popular in your country

In addition to making it easier to find apps with native Android equivalents, Google is also letting you see which Chrome Apps your fellow countrymen and women are installing.

Under the ‘Apps’ heading just click on the ‘Popular in {country}‘ item to see a gridded overview based on the national app-etite. (Sorry).

popular in uk chrome store

See what’s popular in your area


Last month saw Google trade in the ‘tick’ motif on the banners that appear over apps you have installed for descriptive text.

In this latest bout of changes those banners sport a slightly different appearance. In what I’m assuming is a bug, the top-most part of the banner now escapes over the top of its respective row…

new installed banners

Banner escape:  Intentional or accidental?

  • Great! :)

  • Seriously now?

    Off to a good start, but gotta admit that Google is way overdue with their promise of Chrome as a platform. It’s kind of embarrassing that the core apps are nowhere near their Android/iOS counterparts (not to mention competitors) in either usability or nativity. Some are on the web, some are offline in an archaic fashion, some are packaged, and none seems to be following the same structure or philosophy.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen *two* Chrome apps follow the same UX guidelines. It’s not even funny at this point. Each app that I download has different Close, (Minimise), Maximise buttons. There are so many styles, and all are so inconsistent to each other, that it’s actually impressive. But yeah, everything is a mess, and it’s mostly depressing.

    Why do I still have to set Gmail Desktop notifications via Gmail dot com while I have its pointless redirect icon taking up space? What’s the point of Calendar at all when it barely ever works offline (and when it does, it works like the horrid Calendar website)? Why are there *two* Play Music apps, and neither of them actually does what I want it to do? Why can’t I navigate natively with Cmd+Tab even among packaged apps? Why is the way the Notification Centre works a secret to everyone? Why does Hangouts just straight out sucks in about every way imaginable?

    I guess that I can forgive Drive and Docs-related apps opening in tabs, but still… Is it so hard to make everything as functional, consistent and simple as Keep? A nice little window, all settings in one place, super cross-platform, always working.

    I’m tired of looking at all sort of places to find what I want. I want centralised control and a consistent presentation in addition to the already well-function services.

  • Ian

    Firefox Marketplace is better – the same app can run in Firefox on Android, desktop and Firefox OS.

    • Boothy

      You must be lost. OMG! Firefox is the one you wanted!

  • Thomas dave

    New chrome linked to the Android with shoeing all the extensions. So it must be their by the approving technology better than past. Doesn’t meter, what else.

  • Shriram Bhat

    why is omg chrome extension have the category as news and WEATHER?