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Enter the Time Machine – Chrome’s First 4 Years

Google today have unveiled a new website celebrating Chrome’s first four years, enter the Chrome Time Machine

The browser we all know and love is turning four years old today. It is crazy to think that already, Google’s browser has been serving up web pages with speed and style for this long, it has been an incredibly exciting ride.

In celebration of all the great strides and new heights achieved, Google today have pulled back the curtain of a new website celebrating Chrome’s first four years.

All grown up, eh!

Chrome Time Machine

The Chrome Time Machine has been beautifully designed and brilliantly crafted to display the many milestones of Google’s super-speedy browser and showcased them in a (pretty fancy, if I must say) timescape for the world to lay it’s eyes on.

A fragment of the timescape

Google have time and time again raised the bar over the years (already!) with Chrome by pushing HTML5 and web standards, as well as innovating constantly with features like seamless syncing and almost-infinite extensibility with a fantastic selection of web apps and extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

These are only very few reasons why it is the world’s most popular browser and the list just goes on and on, but all of the ‘biggies’ are covered in the Time Machine, which has been built to work well with Chrome on the desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Going back in time on mobile

So without further ado, I would like to say Happy Birthday Chrome! And a big congratulations to Google and the Chrome team. I am so excited to see what is in store for Chrome in the many more years to come.

How long have you been using Chrome as your default browser? What made you switch? We’d love to hear your reasons in the comments below!

  • shadowguy14

    I switched when I saw the ad on the Google homepage, I downloaded it and it made my older computer faster! Course I was using IE6 (didn’t know the difference then) and have been using Chrome ever since :)

  • What made me switch? Firefox’s sluggishness.

  • FlukeAirwalker

    I’ve been using Chrome since the day after it came out. The comic that accompanied it was the reason I switched :)

  • Yehan Pemarathne

    First of all, I would like to say, Happy Birthday Google Chrome!

    I was using chrome nearly since it was available to download and I enjoyed in every single second. I just wanted to test the new browser from Google because I’m a big fan and a user of Google but I couldn’t it till now :-).

    Chrome, best wishes for the future!

  • I’ve been using Chrome since version 3.x

  • Lot of reasons:

    1) IE6 only ran well with ONE window on my Pentium 4 back in 2009… horrible!
    2) All the other versions of IE looked even uglier and were even slower than 6.
    3) I was interested about HTML5 and other web technologies, but Firefox was still a bit slow.

    So yep, I’ve downloaded Chrome and it was a WOW. Design, speed, tabs… Everything was just great!

    And that’s why I use Chrome. Oh and yep, why I use Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Translate, Drive (this one since the 1st day!), Calendar… and why I’m going to buy a Chromebook as my 1st personal laptop! :)

  • I switched to Chrome, at first because it was something new, and better then IE, I later really starting using it because of its awesome syncing abilities, (google docs,mail,bookmarks) and I can’t leave it for another browser, because they don’t offer that ability.

  • Anonymous Viper 7

    i have only been using chrome for two years, but it seems like a lot longer