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Chrome Update for iOS adds Easy Webpage Sharing

iPhone and iPad users can smile knowing that a new version of Chrome for iOS is waiting to be updated…

In this relatively small update is a new feature that allows you to share the webpage you are currently viewing without having to mess about with copying and pasting URLs. All you have to do is tap the menu button and hit ‘share’, you can then share your favourite websites (OMG! Chrome! anyone?) via Google+, FacebookTwitter or email if you’re old school.

Other changes in this update include stability and security improvements as well as lots and lots of bug fixes.

Do you use Chrome for your iOS device? If so, what would you like to see in future updates? Let us know below!



  • Love the new layout guys!
    ….off topic.

  • cb20005

    I used Chrome for awhile on both iOS and Android but found it wanting on each platform and switched back to another browser. On iPad and Android tablets, a bookmarks toolbar would get me to switch permanently. I like everything about it save bookmark access. Even a home button option would work (if the new tab page stayed on the bookmarks page, anyway).

    On iPhone and Android phones, I’d have to have tabs on the screen before I used it full-time. Maybe an option to use the tablet interface for those of us willing to sacrifice pixels for ease-of-use? Otherwise, I’d find it hard to ever switch.