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Subtitle Videoplayer For Chrome Plays, Auto-Downloads Captions for Videos

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Want to watch videos with subtitles on your Chromebook? A new app available from the Google Chrome Web Store allows you to do just that.

You don’t have to be hard of hearing to use subtitles on videos…

You don’t have to be hard of hearing to use subtitles on videos. For example, you may be watching something late at night with the volume down low (you respectful rascal, you), or the speakers on your Chromebook may be less than stellar sounding (hello, Samsung Series 5 users) – not to mention, text translations are pretty vital when watching foreign-language TV shows or movies (hi, Anime fans!).

The default media player in Chrome OS doesn’t support subtitle files, commonly distributed in the .srt format, directly. But a new media player, available for free from the Chrome Web Store, enables caption playback on Chromebooks everywhere.

Subtitle Videoplayer

Subtitle Videoplayer is a simple HTML5-based media app for Chrome & Chrome OS. It works offline, and comes with basic video player functions like volume control, video scrubbing/seeking, and fullscreen.

But its core feature is support for .srt subtitle files, with support/options for:

  • Local subtitle file (.srt only) loading
  • Auto-download of matching subtitle files from OpenSubtitles.Org
  • Set encoding
  • Adjust size
  • Adjust delay

All of these features are readily accessible from the main interface. There are no endless menus or preferences dialogs to wrestle with.


Opening a video in the app is done one of two ways:

  • Click on the upward facing arrow in the lower left corner to open a file picker dialog, or
  • Drag and drop a video file onto the app window

Loading subtitles is done in a similar manner:

  • Click the ‘Closed Caption’ (CC) icon in the toolbar, followed by the first arrow icon to open a file picker; or
  • Drag and drop a supported subtitle file on to the app window; or
  • Drag and drop both the video and its subtitle file onto the app window

But what if you don’t have a subtitle file handy? Fear not, Subtitle Videoplayer comes with an ‘auto-download’ feature built in:

  • Click the ‘Closed Caption’ (CC) icon in the toolbar, select the language of subtitle you need, followed by the second arrow icon to download subtitles

If more than one subtitle is available you’ll be able to switch between them by clicking the subtitle name and selecting another from the list that appears:

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 14.31.20

Download Subtitle Videoplayer for Chrome & Chrome OS

This app is pretty handy, it’s good-looking, and it works offline (bar the auto-download function, of course!). Better yet it’s free. Head over to the Chrome Web Store to install it – and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Subtitle Videoplayer on Chrome Web Store

  • CybeRNerO

    Very nice, I see the developer has implemented an encoding option.
    2 months ago, when I installed the app, it wouldn’t read the greek subtitles correctly on my CR48, and since then I just left it sit there on the apps folder.
    I will now give it another try and see how it rolls :)

  • Gustavo Vasconcelos

    i just loved it

  • alvaro guzman

    I have been waiting for an app like this since many moons ago! Excelent!

  • When are you guys going to make an OMGChrome chrome extension similar to the one for OMGUbuntu? It would help me keep up with the latest OMGChrome news. I use the OMGUbuntu extension almost daily.

  • teilor

    Thank you so much for point this app; will be very useful to me.

  • A. J.

    Hi, great article and this looks like a great app. But does it require that I download the file to the computer? For instance, say I am watching a film on Netflix streaming or a TV episode I bought on Amazon or iTunes… They are just playing on Chromebook (are not and cannot be ‘downloaded’). How would this app then work? Because it seems to ask you to open the video file (which I would not have on my computer, unless I downloaded the video).
    This would be really great if it were a subtitle-playing overlay that isn’t connected to/tied to the video itself…

    • Luther Blissett

      Does anybody know of an app like that, this seems great, but I would not have the file downloaded on my desktop either.

  • Łukasz Maślanka

    Does it work on Windows 7 or just only on ChromeOS?

    • Shriram Bhat

      Yep works in all OS with chrome Browser installed.

      • Łukasz Maślanka

        Thanks :) Can you tell me: what kind of files are available to be opened in this app? As i noticed, AVI files are not there ;)

  • Rodrigo

    Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to deal with dual audio.

  • xinxinging

    Have you tried Avdshare?

    It will
    show you a step by step guide on how to find and download the right subtitles
    for your MP4 videos as well as add subtitles to MP4. In fact, this guide also
    applies to add subtitles to AVI, MKV, WTV, WMV, VOB, MPG, MOV, DV, FLV, WebM,
    OGV, and etc.