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LG Chromebase To Launch in US This Month Priced at $349

chrome base by LG

LG has announced that the first all-in-one Chrome OS PC, the Chromebase, will launch in the US later this month for $349. 

LG Chromebase SideThe 21.5-inch device, which features a full HD IPS display, dual-core Intel Haswell CPU and 2GB RAM, will be sold through Amazon, Newegg and Tiger Direct, among other online e-tailers, from May 26. Pre-orders will go live on May 12 from $349.

A custom mouse and keyboard is also included in the price.

While the 16GB of onboard storage is a tad small — especially for a desktop PC — Google is, as they do with all new Chrome OS devices, offering 100GB of free Google Drive storage. Hooking up external hard drives is easy thanks to 3 USB ports. You’ll also find a built-in SD card reader, a pair of 5 watt speakers and HDMI in should you wish to use the display for other devices.

Thomas Lee, senior vice president of LG Electronics in the states, says “Google’s suite of programs, ability to update software and cloud-based storage allow the LG Chromebase to offer a simple, modern computing experience.”

Want in? The Amazon US listing is already live.

Pre-Order LG Chromebase on Amazon US

  • Rick Oliver

    i thought the extra hdmi port was an input…………… could you check and clarify please?

    • Sam Tran

      You’re right, it’s HDMI input. Sorry about that.

      • Rick Oliver


  • Kenny Strawn

    Well, isn’t this much better than the $599 originally estimated back in January!

    Then again, $349 is still pricey compared to some Chromebooks… but getting a full-HD 21.5-inch display out of it doesn’t sound like anything close to a bad deal after all.

    • Nick

      I think it’s really fair, considering the screen size, full HD, keyboard and mouse. 300 would have been the sweet point though

      • Curtis Mitchell

        It comes with the attachments you need out of the box too which makes it a solid choice if you need to install an entirely new setup.

  • Wally Arms

    Does the Chromebase have an SD card slot? I haven’t seen it listed in the specs before now (and can’t see it in the images).

    • It’s oddly placed so easy to miss. Located underneath the lower front bezel beside the ‘menu’ button.

  • Gary Graf

    Touch screen?

  • Denis Spahic

    This is exactly what a chromebook should be!!!

    Great design, simple and practical. Great specs and 21in HD DISPLAY !!! WOOOT WOOOT!!!!
    The best part…. it is only $350!!!

    The only problem here is the 2GB of RAM. I’d love to have 4GB of memory on this, paired with something like Pixlr I could infidelity use it to edit some images.

    This is the part where I would lose my top and bash LG for making a 21in HD display without the appropriate RAM to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a larger screen…. but, I’ll let it slide this time.

    However, I sincerely hope this 2GB bullsh^t trend stops soon.

    • Boothy

      Agreed. 4gb is the sweet point to be able to use ChromeOS with no lag.

      • J Cav the Great

        do you think it will be upgradeable?

        • Boothy

          Not heard anything about that.
          Unless they’ve left a panel access for the RAM, doubt it unfortunately.
          Stick with my Chromebox I think ;)

  • Lou G

    according to the amazon listing you get 3 USB 2.0, and 1 USB 3.0 port. yet i can’t find the fourth port in the pictures. so I think someone done goofed.

    • 3 are at the back, one is on the side.

      • Lou G

        Ah! i did not think of that!

  • Cristian Otegui

    Me gustaría que funcionara como un smart tv.

  • Core23

    There is a single screw holding a panel in place on the back – would like to take a look.

  • AK

    front facing camera??

  • oubrioko

    What happened to the black Chromebase?

    At CES 2014, LG had 2 demonstration Chromebases on display: an all white Chromebase with matching white keyboard and mouse, and an all black Chromebase with matching black keyboard and mouse.

    • Doesn’t appear to be listed in the US at the moment, but is on Amazon UK.

      • oubrioko

        Thanks for the update!

  • What will performance be like?

    • view2share

      Same as the laptops using the new Celeron Haswell processor. Should be fine.

  • Dustin Gerlach

    Anyone think that we may be able to upgrade the Solid State Drive in this bad boy? I’d love a 64gb, at least.

  • If this has upgradeable RAM, so I could make it at LEAST 4GB I would definitely buy this. Two birds with one stone; It would take care of getting a new monitor, and buying a stationary Chrome OS device like I’ve been wanting. I would definitely hook my 1TB HDD up to this and use it to stream my videos and whatnot to my Chromecast. Resolution and size of display is decent, form factor is good (obviously reminiscent of iMacs), bundled mouse and keyboard is a nice addition, everything suits my needs except for that RAM. My Acer has 2GB and while the performance is still snappy, I know if it had 4GB it would run so much smoother.

  • eb

    My recommendation is to upgrade the the on board storage. Who in God’s name would have 16gb Desktop computer?