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5 Must-Have Chromebook Travel Accessories

Whether you’re mooching on down to your local coffee shop to do some work, or jetting off on vacation for some much needed time out, you don’t need to leave your Chromebook behind.

A few well chosen and inexpensive accessories can help you get the most out your device when you’re out and about.

Sleeve, Case or Bag

wetsuit laptop sleeveA bag, case or sleeve is the essential must-have for your Chromebook. As well as protecting your device from any accidental bumps and scrapes, a sleeve or bag can double up as storage for other accessories on this list.

For those on a tight budget a basic neoprene sleeve can be picked up cheaply. In the UK, they can often be found in high-street pound shops!  

Moulded cases are more expensive but do offer a more permanent form of protection. Cases are available for the Samsung and select Acer Chromebooks.

Messenger bags offer a lot of choice, with a wide selection of styles, shapes and sizes readily available online and off.

USB Mouse

USB MouseFor extended periods of use you may wish to invest in a mouse. External mice are fully supported in Chrome OS, with settings for adjusting pointer speed and configuring additional buttons.

Wireless mice may seem the ideal solution, but wired mice are just as versatile. With no need to clutter up ports with additional dongles, or have battery-sapping Bluetooth turned on, they’re well worth looking at.

Cheap, no-frills retractable USB mice can be bought online for as little as £4. 

Microphone/Headphone Combo

Google headphonesWherever we go we are often blanketed in background noise, be it revving cars, barking dogs or the inescapable witterings of over-opinionated, over-caffeinated cafe regulars.

To avoid drawing in the sonic soup, chuck a set of noise cancelling headphones or ear buds in your bag before you go. For holding hangouts in public places, hunt down a pair with a built-in microphone — but avoid those with controls, as many users have reported issues when using them on Chromebooks.

Want to geek out with sound? Check out Google’s ‘colourbang’ headphones. 


If you’re heading somewhere where you’re able to listen to sound free of wires (see above) then you’ll want to hook up some external speakers.

All Chromebooks feature an audio-out jack, though some speakers require a power point or spare USB slot for power.


Chromebooks can also connect to bluetooth speakers, so if you’re lucky enough to have one make sure you set it up!

Flexible LED Light

While we wait for a backlit keyboard to make an appearance, a flexible USB light will allow us to keep typing away with the lights off.

Lights can be bought cheaply from discount stores or online and, since they’re both lightweight and low-powered, make ideal travelling companions.

What are your must-have Chromebook accessories? 

  • S. Murphy

    HDMI cable if you’re visiting someplace with a tv and a wireless mouse with backup batteries are in the pocket of my carry case. Netflix anywhere! :-D

  • disqus_sE7lPv1F2m

    USB Ethernet adaptor (if needed) and ethernet cable, for if your hotel only offers wired Internet. A mini wireless router if helpful to share the connection.

  • JPB

    For HP11, a slimport HDMI cable plus a good sized portable USB external battery.

  • Wesley Files

    You pretty much covered my essentials; bag, mouse, and headphones. I found a perfect bag from Samsonite, but I could never identify the model number so it’s hard to give out a link.

    That USB light sounds like a very interesting idea, though.

    As an aside, does anyone know if Chrome OS supports mice with touch-surfaces? I’d really love to have the comfort of a mouse but still have the utility of Chrome OS’s three finger tab-scrubbing.

    • In terms of multi-touch features or just scrolling? If the latter than, asfaik, it is supported, as is reporting of battery levels etc.

      Not too sure whether multi-touch is. Though since I have a magic mouse and trackpad I should probably connected and see…

      • Wesley Files

        Please let me know what you find out!

    • Wesley Files

      Just an update: I tried out a mouse with a touch surface, in particular, this:

      Out of the box, it doesn’t seem like it supports the three-finger gestures of Chrome OS. Also, it seemed like it was just really haphazard to try to even perform the three-finger gestures (even if nothing was happening). Maybe a bigger, heavier, more intentionally shaped device would make it easier to do, but now it just seems like a pipe dream to have access to the three-finger gestures on a mouse to any real satisfaction.

  • thisguy

    I was actually looking for some headphones. I might just get the Google headphones I really hope they sound decent. If anybody else has them can you please tell me how much you like them? I’m not looking for beats quality headphones.

    • serotheo

      Beats were never good to begin with.

    • Cody Pinello

      Do you have a purchasing link????

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    That USB astronaut light is adorable. Gotta a purchasing link?? :)

    This list otherwise covers my basics as well. I also toss in a nano USB drive with a lot of media on it. the 3G support is nice for moderate surfing and all, but is not going to work for Netflix… :)

  • Dragonbite

    I love the astronaut light! Might actually look at getting one.

  • cody

    anyone have any luck with a USB DAC?

  • Merry

    Anyone know how to upload music to MP3 player there is no drive to install a disk. Also does anyone know how to share pics to fb after u upload them to chrome book I can’t figure out how to share them. If u know or any accessories I can buy please help me I can’t figure out how to use the chrome book I’m starting to hate it.

    • Dalton

      did you try dragging and dropping the pic on fb