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Chromebooks Now Available to Buy In Sweden

Following on from last week’s announcement of Google entering Chromebooks into 6 new markets, both Acer and Samsung Chromebooks have launched in Sweden.

Google has confirmed today that both the Acer C7 and Samsung Chromebook will be arriving in Sweden, available from the Play Store and at local retailers.

Samsung Chromebook will be available from 2990 SEK online and in store at Swedish retailer Elgiganten, and Dustins. The 3G version is available for 3490 SEK. Acer’s C7 is available from the three retailers for between 2295 SEK and 2990 SEK.

As with the other countries, each Chromebook purchase will include 100GB of Google Drive storage for 2 years.

It appears Google is ramping up its Chrome platform in 2013 by entering devices in more markets. The question now is where next?

ARM Chromebook

  • Belgium pleace

    • Ed Hewitt

      Surely you could walk over the border into France and pick one up!

  • Nicholas Cheng

    Singapore please!! Had to vpn and online purchase in USA before shipping it to a friend who’s travelling back home. Such a huge hassle!!

  • Preet Dhanoa


  • The next stage is to significantly improve Google’s web store. It could provide alternative to many existing software like openoffice for free and so many things, where user can take advantage of.

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