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Chromebooks Land at BestBuy, Dixons Stores

A long time overdue: Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are finally going to land into hundreds of retail stores across the US and the United Kingdom – from today. 

The news, delivered at day two of Google’s annual I/O conference, signals the first retail presence for the ChromeOS devices in the US.

American’s will find the Samsung’s recently launched Chromebook and Chromebox gracing the shelves of 100 Best Buy stores.

UK residents will find the same items appearing in the Dixons chain of outlets.

More details will be released by Google in the coming days, which likely detail some form of in-store demonstration area.

For now we’ll remain cautiously optimistic about the cloud-orientated computers chances against cheaper devices boasting native operating systems.

  • Cool, it is a so good notice, I love best buy

  • Rafael Martinez


  • madjr

    should do well if they advertise them correctly for what they are and what cloud apps/services and the features of the chromebook they can expect to use.

    if people buy them by mistake thinking you can install things like msft office, offline games, skype , etc, then users may get frustrated and bring them back.

  • madjr

    more good news for gaming on the chromebook.

    hey guys you need to add more nacl news.

  • best buy suks. they are going bankrupt.