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EzCast – China’s Cheap and Cheerful Chromecast Clone

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what they don’t say is that it’s also a damn good way to make money!

China’s masterful mimicry industry – it even has a name ‘Shanzhai’ – churns out cheap and cheerful clones of popular products. From the predictable aping of Apple’s iPhones (‘uPhone’) and iPads (‘haiPad’), to less obvious devices from vendors like Samsung and ASUS.

And, now, Google can be added to that list.

EzCast – Ersatz Chromecast

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 14.18.40The EzCast EzChrome is a Chromecast clone from China that isn’t shy on the source of its inspiration, even slapping a monochromatic Chrome logo on its Chromecast-shaped casing.

Like its muse, the ersatz Chromecast is based around an HDMI-in port, features built-in WiFi, and comes with a micro-USB port for power where needed.

It’s also functionally sound. The reviews of its iOS and Android applications, both required to ‘cast’ content to the device, boast largely positive reviews.

But, at just $5 less than Google’s offering, and lacking the premium content providers like Netflix, HBO GO, et al., the idea of skimping on a few bucks for an inferior clone seems a little…a little bizarre.

American readers can chuck $27 in the direction of Chinese-import site Aliexpress to nab one.

But with Amazon US routinely offering the real deal for around $30, I say skip your next Starbucks and keep it #TeamChrome.

  • jscofi

    does it do miracast???

  • ForSquirel

    is it rootable?

  • ScepticalOptimist

    As someone in the UK who hasn’t yet been able get hands on Chromecast, I’ve been using the EzCast for months and it works great! I’ve no need for the premium content,don’t use Netflix and HBO is irrelevant, so I’ll stick with the Chinese imposter. I’d have bought the Chromecast but Google just weren’t quick enough rolling it out!

  • Ryan Hellyer

    I’m sure these will plummet in price shortly.

  • Michael Coates

    I was thinking about picking one of these up while in NYC in early March, possibly along with a chromebook, it’ll probably be cheaper that way. My question though is, if I buy a US version will I be able to region set it to UK when I return so when it’s officially supported it’ll update as if in the UK and as if it was a regular UK store bought version?

  • sophia cai
  • jerome

    cool . more infomation . please look

  • Jeremys

    Hi all I just got ezycast and was wondering how to get movies, please let me know

  • Bri210

    The real-deal Chromecast sells at approx $30 in the US while here in the ripoff UK it sells at … wait for it guys …£30. An increase of approx 63%. Because currency differences price the pound sterling at 1.63 US dollars.

    Its an old trick used repeatedly by greedy UK importers to skim a little more for themselves. That’s the reason why clones are popular and sell well here.

  • Midix

    Also add to the fact that Amazon in EU has VAT and shipping prices, but Chinese guys always have free shipping and you don’t have to pay customs and VAT if package costs less than certain limit (varies by country). So Chinese fake has no additional costs at all – pay exactly what you see on the pricetag.