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Google Chromecast for iOS Gets a Material Design Makeover


The sidebar before (left) and after (right) the latest update

The Google Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad has been given a Material Design makeover, weeks after the Android client received its visual revamp.

Functionality wise the app, now on version 1.9.2766, remains the same as before, save for a few bug fixes here and there. The changes are mostly skin deep and all of the key features for customising and connecting to the dongle, including backdrop personalisation, remain fully intact.

The Material Design rejig adds a splash of colour (specifically blue) to what was a stark grey/white colour scheme. Material switches and toggles have been introduced where appropriate, there’s better padding/layout of elements in the sidebar and settings, and the app now uses ‘cards’ for backdrop items. The sidebar benefits from darker fonts and a handful of new icons.

One icon that hasn’t changed is that of the app itself. Chromecast for iOS remains one of the few first-party Google apps to still use the old pseudo-3D ‘pedestal’ design.

You can see more of the design changes given to Chromecast for iOS in the gallery below.

Download Chromecast for iPhone & iPad

To install the app on your iOS 7.0+ device, head over to the Apple App Store.

Chromecast for iOS on Apple App Store

  • Unified look and feel across platforms. Nice job, Google.

    • Dan

      Not so. They should respect the design guidelines of each platform. Imagine if Apple made an iTunes app for Android that looked like iOS 8.

      • Boothy

        Yeah, I’ve read a few articles that were quite scathing of Google iOS efforts, for exactly that reason.
        Ignoring the design guidelines of the platform, and trying to force an “Android” look onto a competitor.
        I can see both perspectives, but was wondering what other iOS users actual opinion was (rather than just writers).
        As for Apple releasing anything for Android, not something we’re every likely to have to worth about (more chance of Google embracing WP).

        • miri

          Material Design isn’t the “Android look”, it’s the “Google look” that now permeates throughout Android. It was designed to work and be used across every platform. Comparing MD to other iOS apps, there’s very little that clashes or falls out side what the average developer could have done and still have an app that feels at home on iOS.

          • Boothy

            I don’t have any iOS stuff, was just curious of other users actual opinions.
            Still waiting for it to be the Google look…….
            Whenever they actually get around to rolling it out to Chrome and the web!

      • woprandi

        wake me when apple made an app for anything else than iOS

      • Joe Menard

        Honestly both platforms have “flat” design guidelines for each OS, i’d be happy to see Apple develop anything for android with material or not. But that the difference between the two, Google sells services no matter the platform (Except Win Phone I guess) while apple sells an exclusive ecosystem and hardware. nothing wrong with either but its just the sad truth. apple has no interest in any other ecosystem but its own. iTunes for windows was pretty much forced because of the market share difference but Just look how long it took for iTunes to actually become usable on windows.

  • Travis McEndree

    If only they made a Windows Phone app.

    • Joe Menard

      Fingers Crossed, not having Google services on Windows Phone really holds back the OS as an actual option (at least in my personal opinion)

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