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Amazon Underestimates Chromecast Demand, Forecasts 2-3 Month Delay For Orders

Amazon appear to have woefully under-estimated customer demand for Google’s $35 streaming device ‘Chromecast’.

The online giant has begun e-mailing customers with pending orders to let them know that they won’t be getting their dongle anytime soon.

In fact, the retailer is currently anticipating a 2-3 month delay in getting hold of new stock.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 21.51.03

October 30th is the latest date currently being given by Amazon to both new and existing orders – though we’ve been told by an Amazon rep that they fully expect supply issues to be sorted way before then.


But, in the meantime, if you’re super desperate for a Chromecast you’ll need to explore non-Amazon outlets. Google Play and Best Buy are both offering Chromecasts with minimal disruptions to shipping.

  • Tom Slominski

    Surely this is Google’s fault also, in not being able to produce them fast enough.

  • George Raven

    At the end of the post, chromecast does not need an apostrophe.

  • Bill O’Dwyer

    Are they ever going to come to the UK?

    • Joey-Elijah Sneddon

      Yes. I’m hearing late August.

      • Bill O’Dwyer

        Ohh, sweet!

  • Boothy

    Awesome. 2015 before they arrive in the UK, and will be old hat by then………..
    I like Google, but there track record of releases to outside the US is pretty poor.
    Samsung and Apple are much better at getting world releases organised. Google are pretty poor at this.

  • Nathan J. Brauer
    • Nathan J. Brauer

      Not sure why I can’t upload an image here…