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ChromeOS Beta Channel Delivers New UI, Touchpad Driver for CR-48 Users

The ChromeOS beta channel has pushed out a significant update for anyone still using the ‘CR-48’ Chromebook – the new Aura interface!

Google’s freebit device also gets updated with the new open-source touchpad driver, which, in theory, promises improved behaviour and responsiveness.

The Chrome 20 update for Beta Channel is rounded out by the usual smattering of under the hood tweaks and security fixes.

If you don’t spot the update straight away do exercise some patience: Google say that upgrade will be rolled out ‘over the next several days.’

Image Credit: Cassidy James

  • Hey, that’s my trusty Cr-48! :D

    I’ve been playing with the Aura UI on the dev channel, and while fancy, it’s been seriously slow for me. I assume it’s due to all of the compositing and fancy graphic effects they’re doing, but man, it makes browsing (more of) a drag. With that said, I’ll have to give it a try on the Beta channel; maybe they fixed some stuff up with the beta release.

    • I played with the Aura UI as well, and it must only be laggy for older Chromebooks like the CR-48. I was using a dev build compiled for my netbook (ASUS Eee PC) and it works like a charm.

      • tony sanjaya

        where do you get the dev build compiled?

        • This guy, Hexxeh, compiles daily builds completely vanilla.

          • I would like Hexxeh to explain why he password protected his server so CR-48 users can’t get the Luigi firmware.

            At least he could have given the firmware to me, I would host it for him.

          • Well go ask him..

    • xshaneyx

      I’ve also found things much slower since Aura was introduced.
      I was intending to buy a Chromebook as I like the simplicity of Chrome OS and it suits the way my own computer use is going (edging more towards cloud/web services and web apps).
      Unfortunately, Aura has killed that off. If they are going to start bloating it up with stuff that aren’t needed I may as well just use ubuntu or something and get the best of all offline and online worlds.

      Mind you, I do like that Aura is employing a dodge windows style taskbar, clearly Google don’t think their potential users are as dim as Canonical do.

  • I wish I knew about the CR-48 when Google was still sending it out. I wish they could make some more and send some more out. I would totally try to sign up for one.

  • I find the the touch pad update to be a downgrade, i have never really had problems with it until the latest update