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Did This Chromecast Update Accidentally Put You on Beta Channel?

bugA recent Chromecast update appeared to have bumped some users’ devices to the beta channel without their say-so.

Moving a Chromecast to the potentially unstable beta channel usually involves manually opting in — but seemingly not so with the Chromecast v1.14.32904 pushed out over the past week.

The update, whited affected  “a small percentage” say Google, left users home screen littered with the following unsightly debug text, which includes the worry-inducing “channel=beta-channel” string:

 "( Build=1.14.32904,, Channel=beta-channel"


Affected users quickly took to the Google Product Forums where they were (understandably) less than impressed by the foo-bar. Some claim to be experiencing problems with apps and content as a result of the mistake, with some notable issues arriving in YouTube playlists and subtitle quirks with the HBO Go app.

‘Users claim to be experiencing problems with apps like YouTube as a result of the rogue update’

Google’s official statement says the update “…should not have any material negative user impact” and that an update is rolling out to fix it.

It’s also difficult to know how many of the complaints attributed to the rogue update are actually a result of it.  Many issues raised seem isolated and anecdotal, e.g., “I can’t connect to Wi-Fi” to “it now keeps crashing and freezing”.

How to tell if you’re affected

To find out if your Chromecast is among the flock wearing the debug message you just need turn it on and look. If you see a long string of text at the bottom of the screen, with the term ‘beta-channel’ amongst it, you’ll be getting an update that removes it shortly.

If you don’t, you won’t.

Accidents like this are never great but they do happen from time to time. Google has already pushed out an update to solve the screw-up.

In the mean time if you’re experiencing issues and don’t see the update waiting Google suggests force-updating your dongle using the official Chromecast app.

  • My chromecast has been playing up like crazy recently. Playing the wrong video in youtube playlists, terrible tv queue management, friends connecting to the chromecast, pushing my prepared playlist off, volume issues (jumping up and down, taking ages to turn up or down within the youtube app), etc.

    • liamdools

      B-b-but everything Chrome is hassle-free! This can’t be happening! You’re lying! You’re a filthy liar! – Google’s fanbase

      • I think you’ll find that Google’s fanbase are *generally* more likely to criticise Google than you’re giving them credit for. Have a look at r/android, for example. But yeah, fanboys gonna fanboy.

    • Are you on beta channel?

      • Nope! Never have been. These issues have plagued my chromecast since the beginning though, they’ve just been more common since the last update (about a fortnight ago)

        • Nathan Fletcher

          Same issue here. No Idea why.

  • I’m not sure if this was the reason, but just today my Chromecast started working fine again. The last two or three days, the Chromecast symbol was either not showing up at all, on Android or my Chromebook; or it would, and the connection would timeout or tell me there is a problem with my Chromecast. I had rebooted it, unplugged it, nothing. I noticed it restarting itself this morning and it was fine when I tried it after that.

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  • Martin Riches

    Just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to this website? There seems to have been no activity for over three weeks now.

    • Hi Martin. My mum died unexpectedly on June 30, so this (naturally) is why there has not been any updates since June 29. I should’ve put a notice up on the website. I did post a tweet a week or two back, but I know not everyone follows us over there.

      This site is not forgotten though and i’ve been working on a few articles the past day or two so hopefully things will get up and running again shortly.

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        Joey, how could you apologise? I feel so sorry for you. Best wishes, and take as long as you need.

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        I was curious as well and hoping it wasn’t anything serious. I’m sorry for your loss.

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        Hi Joey
        I’m very sorry to hear of your loss.
        I expect a lot of OMG!CHROME! followers, like myself, will be pleased to know that this great source of news and information about all things chrome is still a going concern!

        Please take all the time you need, and I will check every day for new articles.
        Thanks for being there. There doesn’t seem to be any other site dedicated to providing this service.

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