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Extended Google Play Music Trial Rolling Out to New Chromebook Owners

Google have been long known for offering new Chromebook owners free Google Drive cloud storage. The offer has no doubt persuaded many to-be owners of Chromebooks, making the cloud-based devices instant bestsellers on Amazon.

Today, Google is further expanding its offer of free Google services with each new Chromebook, adding Play Music All Access to the mix. New Chromebook owners can take advantage of an extended 60 day trial of the service, provided that they have not previously used the shorter, standard 30 day trial.

The offer provides the user with full access to the All Access line up, including unlimited streaming of tracks selected by you as well as genre radio stations and their Instant Mixes playlists, which let users discover new tracks based on what they’ve already listened to.

Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access

We’ve reviewed Play Music All Access last year, and described it as “one service to rule them all”.

Own a new Chromebook or Chromebox? It’s expected that you’ll be able to take advantage of the extended offer from the Chromebook Goodies page providing that, as mentioned, you have not already tried out the 30 day offer.

Chromebook Goodies

  • MrMiketheripper

    Have they fixed requiring a credit card to get free songs/use the music uploading service? :/

    • Last time I checked, to get a free movie on the Play Store it still required a debit card.

    • Kev in

      use a pre-paid credit card

      • MrMiketheripper

        that’s a suggestion, i’ll figure out how that stuff works and probably do that.

  • Lou G

    I tried to sign up and I got 30 days, not 60 and no I did not use it before.

    • Maxime Bourgeois

      It will be avaible soon for new chromebooks only :(

      • Lou G

        eh, that’s life.

        I’ll have the trade of have a machine that always updates, always works vs a silly music thing.

  • maevian

    It’s a shame that google play music doesn’t support offline playback on the chromebooks, deezer does

  • toddh

    I was kind of hoping to just keep buying Chromebooks every two years and getting the 100gb offer, but it looks like you can only get it once :(

  • bambam

    Anybody know a way to get this to work in Canada?