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Google Giving Free Play Store Gift Cards to HP Chromebook Owners

The UK Charger

Safe: UK Replacement Charger

Waiting on a replacement charger for your HP Chromebook 11? You may find more than an adapter in your packet from Google.

Reddit users are reporting that a free Google Play gift card is included with the replacement charger, presumably as a gesture of goodwill.

Eligible stateside recipients are nabbing $25 worth of free credit, while those in the United Kingdom are being given £15 to spend on Google Play.

The HP Chromebook 11 became the subject of an international product recall late last year after reports of some chargers were overheating, posing a potential fire hazard.

Google formally rolled out their ‘free replacement’ programme in December, utilising the Chrome OS notification centre to alert affected owners.

So, if you have already ordered a replacement adapter, you now have an extra reason to keep an ear out for the doorbell!

  • banksyboy
  • Paolo

    25 USD = 15 GBP… so do they know what the exchange rate from US Dollar to British Pounds actually is! Unfortunately they forget about it when setting the chromebook prices…

    • Phill_S

      Taxation is the sole reason the product prices are consistently higher than in America. You would need to successfully lobby for a removal of VAT and a reduction in import duties if you want that price to be more or less identical.

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