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Android-Style App Folders Coming to Chrome OS Launcher

chrome os app launcher folders

Chrome OS App List Folders Imagined Android Style

Android-style “App Folders” are coming to Chrome OS, several recent bug reports show. 

A future update to the Chrome OS App Launcher will enable users to ‘drag and drop’ app shortcuts onto another to create an ‘app list folder’ – in much the same way as on Android.

“Add UI support for creating app list folder by drag-drop an app list item on it another app list item or a folder.”

When opened, app list folders will allow users to set a title for the folder.

The feature is currently being detailed by developers on the Chromium OS bug tracker. So far the visual designs for the feature are only privy to Google employees, but one bug report does give a hint at what to expect:

Create app list folder UI with the top 4 app list items grouped in 2×2 tile and inside the grayed circle as shown in [mock up]

So, one assumes, something like this?


Would you find app folders useful?

  • MaitreyaVyas

    Maybe. I usually just search for the app name which I want to launch. I don’t do much scrolling in the launcher. There’s a work needed to be done on the new tab page as it looks like somewhat dis-functional to me as it doesn’t have a option to remove a particular site in most visited sites and I don’t need that Google search box as I’m doing searching many years via omnibox.

    • Yvan Philogène

      It is possible to remove a thumbnail in the “Most Visited Sites” by clicking on the “Don’t show on this page” cross (top right on the thumbnail). However, most visited sites always come back :D.

      As for the Google search box, just wait for your birthday. You’ll get a surprise :).

      • Mathspy

        If his birthday is somewhere in November then yes :3

        • Yvan Philogène

          I was talking about a special Google Doodke that appears when it is your birthday.

          Maybe this second omnibox is irrelevant, but now my mum is not asking me anymore where she should type for a Googke Search.

          • Mathspy

            Well… in November we are getting a Google Now for Chrome anyway!

  • I have a lot of being allowed to have an ‘instant message’ folder, or a ‘google product’ folder’ would help.

  • Nighthawk700

    Yes, this would be very useful. I make a lot of use for it on my Android phone, and can see doing similar on Chrome OS.

  • Sean Lumly

    I think that this is fantastic, and a clear of how usable ChromeOS is, and how it’s improving over time.

    On a different note, it would be lovely if full-screen apps could be developed to optionally “expand” to be behind the lower menu bar when maximized. Of course, the lower portion would not be reachable as app space, but it could look really cool if the menu buttons were floating over the apps background, rather than the black bar which is currently displayed.

  • Eric Mitchell

    This would be indispensible. My list is very cluttered and this would help me get it organized.

  • Devon Garber

    I really really need that. My list is cluttered with all kinds of stuff that I don’t necessarily need.

  • J Karle

    100% want this!

    • shoryuken

      100% need this!

  • Aaron Bell

    this would be fantastic

  • moe

    way past due, new neat features like unlock would be nice, like in android

    • Brandon Quintana

      You’re exactly right; it’s way past overdue. I’m relieved to see a feature as simple as this is coming very soon.

  • John Lahmeyer

    I would definitely love this feature.

  • El Yamdroid

    i make folders but when i restart chromebook , it disapear

  • Na7noo7

    Cool. But it looks a bit weird. The 2nd one is better to me.