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Google Chrome Coming to iOS?

Could Google’s Chrome browser be coming to iOS devices? Business Insider are reporting just that.

The rumour comes from Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter who says that “Apple may already be reviewing Google’s submitted code for a Chrome browser for iOS.”

On the face of it this sounds like exciting stuff for iOS users, doesn’t it?

But dig a little deeper and you’ll soon see there are flaws to this rumoured move.

For example, Apple do not allow users to set third-party browsers as default. Anytime a link is opened, be it from a text or an e-mail, it will open in Safari. No ifs, no buts.

Opera and Dolphin – both popular browser choices on Android – are already available for iOS but command an insignificant share of mobile web user from iDevices.

Would Chrome fair better? It has a bigger brand name and following than the aforementioned duo so there’s no doubt it would be downloaded. But without system integration it’s unlikely that the bulk of iUsers will find themselves remembering to use it.

Chrome for iOS: good move in theory, but thanks to Apple it’ll be a poor one in practice.

  • They will probably just make an app, which syncs your tabs, bookmarks, etc.

  • Jason Marsh

    The fact you can’t set it as default is a minus, but overall Chrome is fantastic on OS X, Linux, Windows and Android…I would certainly give it a shot!

  • Since Safari already supports mobile HTML5, you get the point. Dolphin uses Safari also, just a redesigned UI and such.

    And, where’d they get the new Disqus?

  • Craig Weber

    I think the primary advantage Chrome would have is that it is tied to all your Google/bookmark information from your favorite desktop web browser. So your Chrome account could move with you. Until Apple lets users enable 3rd party browsers, it probably won’t be wildly successful, however.

  • What a surprise coming from Apple, but a better move then Microsoft with Windows 8 RT (?) and NO third party browser at all…

    • handuel

      I only must found out that they wouldn’t let users have 3rd party browsers, in my opinion that is an extremely stupid mistake.

    • Tin Man

      Worse than that — MS ships Office on the traditional desktop, but it won’t allow competing office suites on it.
      It’s much harder to port an office suite to Metro than it is to port a browser.


    • alscrob

      There is going to be a Metro version of Firefox.

  • I don’t have an iDevice, but surely the official gmail app could support opening links in the Google Chrome app in an update? That would get rid of the problems with email, atleast.

  • AJ

    Having my choice of browsers on Android has made my life easier. However no system integration makes it effectively pointless on my iPod touch. Every time an app directs me to a page… I am not going to copy the URL to a clipboard, minimise the default browser, open chrome, and paste it in; and Apple knows this :/

  • Isn’t the Diigo browser on iOS already built around a modified chrome/chromium image?I know it integrates better with Evernote and Diigo but third party browsers on iOS devices are a bit of a pain when you can’t set them as the default without jail breaking.

  • Ryan Gauger

    I use Opera Mini. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Apple doesn’t allow users to set default web browsers. I think they should, but it isn’t that big of a thing. I would LOVE to see Chrome land on iOS.

  • grabhands

    Wasn’t Microsoft raked across the coals for far less (they only bundled their own browser with Windows, the user could still set a third party one as default) back in the day? Why is this anti-competitive behavior acceptable from Apple these days?