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iOS 8 Support Lands in Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad


Google Chrome in iOS 8

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad has been updated with support for new iOS 8 features.

Chrome 37, available from the App Store for free, supports the native iOS 8 ‘Share Sheet’ through which third-party app extensions can now integrate.

The addition means you can now use the Chrome sharing menu to share content from within the browser to other apps installed on your smartphone or tablet, e.g., Evernote, Pocket, Wunderlist, Simplenote, etc. 

Chrome for iOS previously used a custom share menu for sharing content to Google services.

With more third-party applications expected to take full advantage of this nifty feature over the coming months, it should soon prove itself a time-saver to Chrome users.

Other Changes

Other changes are suitably vague in the official changelog, with “iOS 8 Compatibility” and “Stability improvements and bug fixes” listed alongside share sheet integration.

One minor change I have noticed: the stock iOS keyboard now offers a quick link to Google Now/voice search button when triggered in Chrome (before typing).


  • *Chrome for iOS gets some Android features thanks to iOS 8

  • MarkG54321

    Everyone with a brain knows this isn’t really Chrome, it’s a Chrome skin ontop of Safari, the slow version of Safari, thanks to Apple’s rules about browser engines and nobody else allowed to use accelerated javascript.

    I have to wonder what idiots are still buying into the iPhone hype.

    • ironicharles

      idiots that still use Safari on their $2000 web browsers (MacBookPros)

    • sausages

      iOS 8 lets 3rd party apps use the Nitro JS engine. Not sure whether this build of Chrome supports it.

    • SolarShane13

      And the stupidest comment award goes to……

      You do realize that Chrome is using WebKit, right? So no, it isn’t a skin of Safari.

      • felixo

        Chrome doesn’t use webkit on any other platform. It is called Blink now.

        • SolarShane13

          Um, Chrome uses Webkit on iOS.

          • He’s right. They both use Webkit but only Safari can access the Nitro Javascript engine. You’d think you would at least look it up before calling him stupid.

          • SolarShane13

            You are wrong and he is in fact, stupid.

            1) iOS 8 Allows all webkit apps to access the Nitro engine.

            2) Claiming that Chrome is just a skin is utterly stupid. Chrome is its own app, has its own permissions, and has its own sandbox.

            The only thing I agree with him is the iPhone hype comment. You can do just about everything that Apple offers and more on Android devices. Though avoid Sammy at all costs. TouchWiz sucks.

          • Well anyway, regardless. It’s still a skinned version of Safari. It’s not allowed to Blink or the the V8 javascript engine.

          • SolarShane13

            Did you not even read? iOS 8 allows WebKit apps to use the Nitro Javascript engine!


          • DO YOU READ? IT’S JUST A SKINNED SAFARI! IT’S NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT’S OWN RENDERING CODE. A.K.A. IT IS SAFARI. THE ONLY STUPID ONE IS YOU. “iOS 8 allows WebKit apps to use the Nitro Javascript engine!” <— You proved my own point.

          • SolarShane13

            No, no I didn’t prove your point! Chrome uses Webkit! Will the stupid one actually educate himself on what “Blink” actually is?

            Damn the arrogance. Damn actually having to research something before making asinine comments.

          • Blink is a fork of WebKit. That makes it at least a little different right there. V8 and Nitro are to entirely different JavaScript engines. Chrome for iOS is completely different from every other platform. I’m pretty sure you’re a troll but maybe you should go educate yourself.