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Google Offering UK Chromecast Owners 3 Months Free NOW TV Access

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Google is offering a free three month NOW TV Entertainment Pass to UK Chromecast users, in a deal worth over £20.

Sky’s NOW TV service makes a slate of subscription-only TV, movie and sports channels available off-contract for for a fixed 30-day fee.

The three-month Entertainment Pass being offered in this promotion provides access to 13 pay TV channels, all available to watch online, on your mobile or your tablet. Chromecast support was added to the Android and iOS apps in early September so you can watch it all on your ‘big screen’, too!

What does this deal include, and is it worth it?

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Got a Chromecast? You Get These

The variety of channels included in the Entertainment Pass makes this offer a fairly cracking one.

You get access to some of the latest shows, including brand new episodes of The Walking Dead, and other popular US imports like Scandal and Elementary, plus access to 30 days of select on-demand catch-up content.

This being Sky, there’s plenty of the usual cable-filler fare to be had. Gold’s endless, if timeless, classic comedy reruns feature, as does the Discovery Channel and its bumper crop of is-it-reality TV programmes like Wheeler Dealers and Auction Hunters. Children’s channels Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Disney are thrown in for good measure.

A NOW TV Entertainment Pass typically costs £6.99 a month making this deal worth over £20 in all — which, depending on where you shop these days, is almost the price of a shiny new Chromecast!

Google say the offer is open to new and existing Chromecast owners alike, regardless of when the device was purchased.

But, as with previous UK-only offers, there may be issues if you imported a dongle from the US. The terms and conditions for this offer state that only devices purchased through an “authorised reseller”, such as Argos, Amazon UK, PC World, etc., are eligible.

“The Kicker”

Interested? Well, you might not be once you hear the kicker.

To redeem your free NOW TV pass you have to create a free NOW TV account. No biggie there. But to create a free account you have to enter valid payment details — something not everyone is keen to do.

If you proceed this does mean you will need to remember to cancel your subscription at some point during the 3 month period to prevent being billed at a later date.

A minor bug in an otherwise peachy deal. Assuming you are over the age of 18, have a good memory, and don’t mind giving Sky your card details, hardly a blocker.

How to Claim

To claim your free Murdoch-sanctioned televisual pass to couch potato nirvana, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Chromecast to your TV and check that it is connected to your network
  • Open Chrome on your PC (with the Cast extension installed) and check it is connected to the same network


The promotional code needs to be activated on or before January 31st, 2015 or it turns void.

  • Boothy

    Us impatient ones who grabbed an import early seem to miss out on all the deals.

    “Good things come to those who wait……..”

    Someone remind me of that when the Razor Android TV box launches in the States first……………… (, here I come!)

  • philip formby

    wants 4.99 upfront and no voucher code given ,ill give it a miss

  • StevieLocker

    Got to unblock US Netflix and Hulu Plus on my Chromecast in UK Well worth the money imo

  • Sadly my newly purchased Chromecast is currently telling me there aren’t any offers available have spoken to Google Support but I am not holding my breath was part of the reason for going with the Chromecast as it made it worth it to me. Feel slightly let down brought it directly from Amazon as well.

    • John Paul Moule

      Me too! I contacted them by phone although yet to hear back. I changed some settings on my router. Did you have any joy?

      • I am afraid that I didn’t with that specific Chromecast I ended up returning that one and get a replacement that did work. As I was having other issues with the original device. I have had replies since and all they can do is suggest that I contact Sky to get the deal which doesn’t really solve the problem if I still had it

  • Jojo Kelly

    thanks didn’t know about now tv..just a shame you can’t ‘cast’ the movies or programmes to the television..have to use my wire which defeats the purpose.

  • metz2000

    This offer doesn’t seem to be available to existing owners. I never redeemed any deal yet and all I am offered are two months Hulu Plus and 90 day unlimited Google Music.

  • Angie

    I have a chromecast and trying to get the now tv for three months but when I go into my offers it is not showing up just the google play offers, why is that?