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Google Confirm ‘Keep’ to Replace ‘Scratchpad’, Offer Notes Migration Help

Here’s one to file under ‘totally saw that coming’: Google Keep is the official replacement for Scratchpad, Google’s old note-taking web-app.

We first told you that Scratchpad was being axed last November. At that time Google Keep wasn’t even on the radar, so the decision to cease development did seem rather strange.

Google launched Keep earlier this year with a web-interface and mobile apps for Android and iOS. An official Chrome web app was made available at the beginning of May.

Scratchpad to Keep

Scratchpad to Keep Notification on Chrome OS

If you’re an active Scratchpad user you’ll see an alert notifying you of the change the next time you open the app. Inside the notifiction you’ll see instructions on how to migrate your unsaved notes over to Google Keep.

You’re also be able to download your notes in a .zip file, should you want to take them elsewhere. 

For full details head on over to the Google support site, link below.

Scratchpad to Google Keep Migration Help

  • Great Article !
    Looking forward to see more integration of Google Keep with the rest of Google systems especially google drive, gmail, plus etc….

  • Adam

    This article says there is a Google Keep mobile app for iOS. That isn’t true.

  • THANK YOU GOOGLE! At least Google has the standard decency to let you know what to do when an app ceases existence. Especially thank you to .zip backups. On my iPod, I have about 300 notes saved. There is no function to export them without emailing each everyone individually.

  • CAC1031

    Any information on whether Google Tasks will be integrated with Keep? I maintain several lists with Tasks and I love the “Better Tasks” extension that allows me to access them from any webpage. I’d really like to see these two services merged.

  • Any idea how to actually *import* those old Scratchpad items? They’re in my Google Drive, but there seems to be no way to import them into my Keep account


    I liked Scratchpad better than this. This is a down grade. They should have at least left scratchpad as an outdated app instead of removing it.