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Google Drops Drive Storage Plan Prices, 100GB Now $1.99/m

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Many of you reading this will have nabbed 100GB of Google Drive storage for nothing, thanks to your purchase of a Chromebook.

But as great as this offer is, it’s not unlimited; at some point in the future those of you making use of the sizeable storage plan will either need to pony up some cash to keep it or export files and go back to struggling along on ‘just’ 15GB.

Well, there’s some good news for us: Google has lowered the pricing of all its paid subscriptions for Google Drive storage.

‘100GB of space at rival service Dropbox costs $9.99 a month — nearly $120 a year’

100GB of space now costs $1.99 a month (down from $4.99/m); a gargantuan 1TB now only needs $9.99/m (down from $49/m) to stay ticking over; and if you’re really in need of cloud storage you can rent out 10TB+ for a monthly fee starting at $99.99.

For comparison, 100GB of space at rival service Dropbox costs $9.99/m, while Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly ‘SkyDrive’) costs around $50/year.

The new pricing plans come into effect today. More details can be found at

Already subscribed to a plan? Google say not to worry; anyone already signed up to a monthly plan will be automatically switched to the cheaper option, no input needed.

Google Drive – helping you save more.

  • Sweet, I’ve got a free 100GB until February of 2015 because I bought a Chrome Book, and then I got another 10GB until mid 2015 because I signed up to use QuickOffice. So with a total of 115GB I’ve got plenty of space, but once that expires it’ll be hard to not purchase at leastthe 100GB plan. Definitely a smart move for Google to make considering how much Microsoft is pushing their SkyDrive/OneDrive, which in my opinion is a horrible knockoff of all the other cloud services.

    • shoryumike

      Yup! It would be so damn hard not subscribing for the current 100gb data plan; I mean, we can finally assume hands down ” it’s just two bucks/month “. Yay! Google strikes back becoming the leader in the cloud game! How can we not falling in love with it!? >_>

      • Agreed! And that avatar photo is totally algebraic!

        • shoryumike


  • Awesome. Of course, I haven’t even signed up for my free storage yet since I’m only using about 2 GB. I’m betting I’ll want the extra once I move some music onto drive.

    • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

      Why don’t you use Play Music for your music? 20000 titles for free.

      • I have a Spotify subscription, which covers most of my needs. But I also have a collection of video game soundtracks and obscure music, and none of it is available streaming. I’m thinking about switching to the Google Play All Access from Spotify so I can integrate my tracks with streaming.

    • toddh

      I think you only get 60 days to do it, so you don’t want to miss out.

  • Dragonbite

    This is great! Having 2GB, 5GB, 15GB and 25GB means files are all over the place! And I assume that files in Google Doc format are still free (no space) so that greatly extends the space you can use.

    Now, if they can only make the app for Linux so I can synchronize between Windows and Linux….

    • Doug Franke

      I don’t know if you have heard of it or not but insync is a an excellent cross platform third-party option (I purchased the 1 time $15 upgrade to Plus after trial)…I use it across my Windows and Linux machines quite easily

      • Roland

        insync is great. for insync.
        they ask money for something you can get for free and do not offer any added benefit.
        they also have the same annoying problem with duplicating your files.
        Example / i have more than one notebook and a chromebook, when i do the initial copy with usb simply because its much faster, when you sync your data will be doubled instead of synced. do that again on another platform and you now own three times the same crap.
        that can be had without paying money when using drive for windows and gdrive for linux.
        but its your money, decide for yourself

      • Dragonbite

        Google promised one for Linux and it’s been about 2 years now and nothing!

        Plus the inherited risk of using a 3rd party is if Google decides to “change the rules” and breaks it so that 3rd parties have to create their product all over again.

        I am tempted, but if Google is going to promise, I want them to deliver. Especially now that Ubuntu One is closing down this would be a great way to get a lot of people, including the ones Ubuntu One is dropping.

  • Robert Trance

    I will be happy when Google will arrive to our ages with MORE payment options: Paypal, iDeal (yes, both used worldwide indeed), Click&Buy, etc…..just to name 3 big ones! Goes for Android too

  • S. Murphy

    Still too much! If Google wants to bury the competition these prices should be annual. At the same time the add-ons for docs and chrome web store apparently should not be given the keys to the drive just because we may want to use a feature to a limited capacity. Time for google to take control and own the market and represent how safe google drive can be!

    • They can be annual. Afaik, you can pay up-front for a year (in which case it’d be around $24/y for 100GB) or you can choose to pay monthly.

      • S. Murphy

        That’s all nice and good but I’m only willing to pay 1.99/year. Don’t forget chromebox and chromebooks compete with devices that have storage included in the original purchase price. I never activated my 100 gb because I don’t need 100gb – not yet at least. But when I do, I won’t be paying $24/yr. I can just as easily buy an sd card or usb for a one time fee on sale, also not have apps have permission to look at what is mine!

        • Seriously, if $24/year is too rich for your blood then maybe you don’t deserve 100/GB of space.

          • Robert Trance

            I don’t see either why this rudeness here. NO, the price is not high, but it is not mandatory to be liked by everyone. And those might express their views without these rude consequences.

          • Demanding unreasonably low prices for goods is rude.

        • You can’t afford $24 a year? How do you even have an internet connection? Are you camping out behind the McDonalds trash cans for wifi or something?

          • S. Murphy

            What I can afford is my business. What I’m willing to pay for 100 gb of google drive is what I’m commenting on. Why so rude?

          • Anonymoused

            Because now you’re just being ridiculous. If you can just as easily buy an SD Card/USB and prefer it to having access remotely, then do it. Though I very hardly doubt you’d find either with 100gb for only $24.

          • Txopi David Rdgz Taubmann

            Based on what?

        • David

          Guest is willing to pay $1.99 a year for 100 gigabytes? That is ludicrous. I want to pay one penny a year for 100 terabytes of storage. Google, I hope you are listenging!!! One penny for 100 terabytes! Got it???????????

        • Txopi David Rdgz Taubmann

          And you won’t have world wide access, redundant backup and warranty over the integrity of your data forever (hardware usually crashes on a technician known 6 year limit). And please… Don’t loose the thing!

    • Jo Tummers

      Oh come on!!! 2 bucks a year is nuts!! You can’t have a front row seat for nothing!

      • S. Murphy

        I plan on living a long time. I don’t plan on blowing my budget on something that 1. Is not 100% secure from prying eyes. and 2. Isn’t acceptably priced. I bought a chromebook partially for the price (cause paying $600 for a laptop seemed like a waste. The difference calculated @ $300 would mean I get 100 gb of google drive for 12.5 yrs! Then NO MORE! Assuming I only need 100 gb over the next 12.5 yrs and only for 12.5 yrs, the windows PC still has the info… So NO, it’s not nuts – just math. Imagine if you have a lot of music, pics and/or video. It becomes very expensive to have a solution that should last the rest of your life. Otherwise why bother???

        • Jo Tummers

          Then I suggest you buy a USB drive. It has much more space and in over a long period of time, you will save up a lot or money.

          • USB drives don’t last forever, they stop working after a certain number of read/write cycles

          • Jo Tummers

            What do you think your files are stored on by Google?

          • redundant storage that is backed up and gets replaced after a certain time, if your usb stops working you have to pay for a new one, google on the other hand doesn’t charge you when they need to update their hardware

          • Txopi David Rdgz Taubmann

            Backed up double disks… You need to read.

          • Robert Trance

            Neither online services last forever….and today’s USB external harddrives last long, really long, also depending on manufacturer and product

          • Txopi David Rdgz Taubmann

            Wrong, I have over 20 years of experience in this, no hard drive has surpassed a 6 year limit of safe information storage without problems or total crash. Google can and does warranty your informations integrity (backups and backups).

          • Union Lacktivist

            I have a hard drive that has passed 6 years with zero problems and/or total crash. So if I personally have a hard drive that has managed to make it 6 years, your comment is factually incorrect. I’ve also worked on plenty of computers with hard drives over 6 years old that are working absolutely perfectly.

          • First your question: Files are worldwide accesible for you from the cloud, wihtout carring anything with you but your user and pass, in a very secure (and always more secure) place, and with the guarantee they won’t be lost ever (because of redundancy)
            So, this being said…. 2 USD per month (for the 100GB case) is not only a payment for a “place” to have them stored, is also about accesibility, and moreover security for NEVER loosing them.
            Conclusion… if life isn’t every day more about -information-… then what?

        • S. Murphy

          I would consider Unlimited google drive for $100 – 1 time fee. On the condition that I determine what apps can see and not the other way around. I hope google is reading this.

          • rey alejandro

            go build you’re own business! I hope you’re reading this.

        • Juan Carlos Cornejo

          While I have no real evidence to back this up, 12.5 years for a hardrive you use often does seem overtly optimistic.

  • d2kx

    Linux client, pls.

    • Roland

      how long are we waiting for this?
      thousands of people are asking for this but Google doesnt listen.
      funny enough they are proud that they contibute so much to the Linux community and alledgedly use Linux internally as well.
      dont get me wrong, the platform is cool and has much going for it.
      but listening to customer wishes is not a strong point of Google.
      same story with android… (and as a side note – Android is using a linux kernel, so the app for drive exists, just needs to be ported to proper linux – is it really THAT hard?)

      • David

        “…listening to customer wishes is not a strong point of Google.” An odd claim to make about a company that is so successful. Can they simultaneous satisfy every wish that all customers express, without regard to their own and customers’ priorities and goals? No. Is there a company that can (or should)? No.

    • Anonymoused

      Just stick with the browser version. The Windows client of Drive doesn’t sync quickly or well at all — I find often I’ll put files in the drive in the morning and by the time I need them at work, they still haven’t synced. They don’t sync from Windows to Drive well unless you drag & drop. The Windows client sucks.

  • Lou G

    While I love this, the only ‘complaint’ I have is I wish they would have made the 15gb a nice, round number like 20. I am using none of my 115gb (15+110 for free for owning a chromebook) so it’s not like I’m at 114.99 out 115 and want more space. I just like even numbers.

    Otherwise, I love this. $23.88 a year for 100gb–you can’t complain!

  • Joseph Dickson

    I’m trying OwnCloud on my existing economy hosting. So far I’m impressed and it gives me more value for the money in already spending.

  • Raul Urroz

    So is this a limited time offer or are the prices set?

  • Hannah

    How long after I purchase it until it begins to work. because I bought the $1.99 for 100gb almost 2 days ago, and nothing has happened so far. ?