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Google Now for Chrome Coming to A Desktop Near You This Week


Google Now notifications will roll out to all users of Google Chrome over the coming weeks, Google has announced.

The feature, which has been available to beta users since February, aims to deliver timely updates, traffic reports, weather information and sports results based on your location, likes and preferences to the desktop through the rich notification centre.

Having spent what feels like forever in beta, not to mention a considerable amount of time loitering in development builds prior to that, it’s finally nice to see the feature break maturity and become accessible to all.

Plans for providing Google Now notification through Chrome were first revealed through a development flag added to Chromium, the code base used by Chrome, at the start of 2013.

Get Started with Google Now

Screenshot 2014-03-24 at 20.59.40

Activating the feature couldn’t be easier: just sign in to Chrome on your laptop or PC using the same Google account that you use on Android or iOS (the latter assumes you have the Google Search app installed, if not you’ll need to get it).

Once signed in you won’t see Now cards start appearing in the Chrome Notification Centre (available through the ‘bell’ shaped icon located in system tray of the Windows task bar or OS X menubar) straight away, but give it a bit of time.

As on Android and iOS, cards for various things – like weather, directions and reminders – will appear as and when they’re considered relevant. Cards remain active in the notification centre until dismissed or actioned.

If you’re an avid fan of the service on Android do note that while some cards are similar, some aren’t available through the desktop version yet. Similarly, notifications are not synced between devices, while location data is based on the last reported location from a configured mobile device and not on the location of your PC.

Excited? For more details check out the official support pages.

Google Now for Chrome Help Pages

  • Boothy

    Well, it’s OK on the desktop, but for some reason on my Chromebox it insists on reporting the weather in a city 50 miles away, that I’ve not been through in over 6 months.
    No such issue on Android.

  • Ryan Howard

    Needs to sync with my phone and calander.

  • Basilio Gonzalez

    Will this update be available on ChromeOS?

    • Basilio Gonzalez

      Ehhhhhh nevermind. Looking at the picture above it seems it is… Sorry

      • Kenny Strawn

        Yes, it already is… on the Beta and Dev channels, so far. Chrome OS stable releases come a few weeks after the Windows, Mac, and Linux ones…

  • Ankit Pati

    Will it be available on Linux? If yes, when?

    • Yes, and when Aura lands in stable (in a couple of weeks)

    • Merri Mogridge

      It’s already available in the google-chrome-unstable package if you don’t want to wait!

  • What if you don’t have a smartphone?

  • Seriously now?

    I’m more concerned with making the Notifications work in first place. You know, have the Bell icon actually appear at all times. Right now it hardly ever does, and even then, that is in random occurrences.

  • EngrishTeacher

    You spelled center wrong.

  • Lou G

    I just found out I don’t need the actual device. I just enabled google now–just getting the weather, hopefully sports teams will show up soon.